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Missed Half The Movie? 10 Tips To Avoid Falling Asleep While Watching TV

You’ve just found the proper series or film of your choice, and bang, you’ve fallen asleep. But that doesn’t have to be the case, because with simple tricks you can fight against tiredness on the sofa.

Whether it’s total relaxation or sheer exhaustion, many people regularly fall asleep while watching TV. This significantly reduces the quality of sleep and often annoys our fellow human beings.

This article gives you 10 tips to help you avoid falling asleep in front of the blink box.

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

The cozier the atmosphere, the greater the risk of falling asleep while watching TV. If you are warmly rolled up in a blanket and sit or even lie comfortably, your entire body will relax and calm down – the ideal prerequisite for falling asleep.

If you find it challenging to sit up straight on the sofa, you can try using an exercise ball – you won’t fall asleep on it.


Dimmed light is an absolute must for the perfect television experience. However, darkness causes melatonin to be rejected. The body’s sleep hormone causes us to get tired and slowly fall asleep.

Please leave the light on next time.

Regular Airing

Fresh air also helps against creeping tiredness. If the carbon dioxide concentration in the room increases, the air becomes stuffy and becomes a stress test for the body.

When oxygen levels drop, the body must work harder to function at total capacity. Consequently, we get tired.

Use the advertising or pee breaks to ventilate.


A little activity never hurts. In addition to airing, you can also use the commercial breaks for some action that gets your body going again.

Simple exercises such as sit-ups, squats, and lunges can easily be interspersed. And the best thing about it is that you also do something for your fitness.

Employment Watching A Film

For some people, brief physical activity during breaks is not enough.

If you are one of them, you can also combine television with a hobby or household. Knitting, crocheting, folding laundry, and ironing are among the activities that can be done on the side and keep you from sleeping.

However, this is more recommended for light fare and less so for films that require your full attention.

Healthy Snacks

Healthy alternatives to chips, gummy bears, and the like are not only better for the body; they also make you more alert.

While greasy and sugary things make you addicted and sluggish, healthy snacks like nuts and veggies can wake you up due to their nutrients and water content.


Coffee not only works wonders in the morning but can also bring a wake-up kick in the evening.

Espresso can be particularly effective. But cold drinks such as Mate and Co. can also delay tiredness and provide more freshness in the head.

Be Assertive In The Selection Process

If you watch series or films with other people, it can also be helpful to choose the film yourself. After all, you will typically choose a film that you find exciting yourself. It sounds simple, and it is. 

Invite Friends

Meeting friends is not only fun but also very healthy. They reduce stress, make you happier in the long run, and give us strength and energy.

In addition to the positive physical effects, watching TV with friends also gives you the chance to discuss the film and gain insights into different perspectives.

It’s much more challenging to close your eyes when looking together.

Take An Afternoon Nap

If you have a date for a movie night in the evening and don’t want to make a wrong impression, you can also take a nap in the afternoon.

The more rested and energetic you are, the more likely you won’t fall asleep.

But beware: too long a nap can also have the opposite effect and make you tired for the rest of the day.


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