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4 Home Remedies For Neck Pain

Did you wake up with severe neck pain? There are traditional and natural remedies to relieve you. Inspired by the tips of grandmothers, Truck Mania gives you four treatments to quickly reduce disabling muscle or bone pain.

Green Clay

Green clay is renowned for its effectiveness against neck pain. Thanks to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, it provides rapid relief by demineralizing the joints and acting on the muscles and bones. Your neck pain can have various origins. Green clay reduces body aches, muscle fatigue or incipient inflammation. Here’s what you need to make your green clay cream

  1. Green clay
  2. A bowl and a tablespoon
  3. A wooden spatula
  4. A gauze bandage or a thin fabric
  5. A band

Prepare your green clay poultice.  Pour three tablespoons of green clay into a bowl and cover it with water without drowning. The clay must rest for ½ hour before being mixed to obtain a consistency that is neither too fluid nor too thick. You can use a spatula to spread the paste on a strip of gauze or fabric you have prepared to the correct size. The clay should be between 2 and 3 cm thick for best results. You can apply the poultice by putting the preparation directly in contact with the skin. You can place an extra bandage to hold it all together. Leave it on for about 20 minutes and renew it if necessary.

Ivy, Elderberry Or Blackcurrant

Some plants have a beneficial effect on neck pain. To use them, make a decoction and apply them with a compress to the area of ​​​​the neck to be soothed.

  1. Climbing ivy: it has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties.
  2. Elderberry is known to have an action on rheumatism and osteoarthritis and relieves joint pain.
  3. Blackcurrant is a recognized antirheumatic and an effective anti-inflammatory. You can drink 2 cups of herbal tea daily to take advantage of its properties.

Prepare your ivy or elderberry decoction. Pour some water into a saucepan and bring it to a boil. Then, throw a heaping tablespoon of herbs and boil for 5 minutes. Then let steep for a good 5 minutes. Using a colander, remove the leaves and keep only the liquid. Dip a compress in this decoction and wait until it has reached a bearable temperature to place it on the painful area.

The Heat Of The Salt Bath

Heat, in general, effectively relieves neck pain. To make it quick and easy, you can use a hairdryer and direct it at your neck, keeping a critical distance to avoid burning yourself. You can also use a towel soaked in boiling water or a pre-filled hot water bottle. The bath is also an excellent muscle relaxant and can be of great help in relieving neck pain. Adding Epsom salt (used by professionals in institutes and massage parlors) will increase the faculties of hot water to relieve pain. In a full bath, you can also use magnesium sulfate, 3 or 4 tablespoons.

Essential Oils

essential oils have been known to our grandmothers since dawn. There are many oils that you can use to relieve a sore neck. Some have anti-inflammatory or antirheumatic properties, while others relax naturally and reduce muscle tension. Here are the essential oils in your medicine box to deal with unwanted neck pain.

Rosemary With Camphor: Immediate Action

This is the essential oil that we will tell you to relieve torticollis quickly. Its anti-inflammatory action is beneficial against rheumatism and reduces the pain of tendonitis. Naturally loaded with camphor, it acts directly on muscle tension and as a local anesthetic, warming the skin to relax it. Mix 4 drops of vegetable oil with one drop of rosemary oil and massage the painful area for a few minutes. Repeat the massage four times a day until the pain disappears.

Lemon Eucalyptus: To Soothe And Relax

Loaded with citronellal, lemon eucalyptus oil has potent anti-inflammatory and antirheumatic properties. It is soothing and acts on the molecules which transport nervous information by stopping them. Lemon eucalyptus oil activates the dilation of blood vessels and causes a feeling of warmth by helping muscles to relax. This oil is particularly effective in cases of spasmodic torticollis. As above, mix four drops of carrier oil with one drop of lemon eucalyptus oil, then massage the preparation into the neck.

Wintergreen: To Warm Up And Relax The Muscles

The essential oil of fragrant wintergreen is composed almost entirely of methyl salicylate, which has the same virtues as citronellal. Wintergreen essential oil is anti-inflammatory and often used to treat muscle or joint pain. It also acts as a potent analgesic and quickly relieves cervical pain. Warming the skin becomes a muscle antispasmodic and allows the muscles to relax.

You can combine lemon eucalyptus oil with fragrant wintergreen oil and obtain an effective mixture to help painful torticollis. 

Be careful; essential oils should not be used pure; you must mix them with vegetable oil as neutral as possible. It is advisable to respect the following dosage: 1 drop of essential oil for four drops of neutral oil. You can make mixes to combine the effects of each component.

Essential oils should be used with medical approval on children and pregnant women. Do not hesitate to seek the advice of a specialist.


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