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6 Essential Care For A Healthy Body

Adopting a healthy routine is essential for the well-being of the body and mind. Your day yields more, stress levels decrease, and you feel more willing, productive and happy—the summary of a healthy body.

However, to create this routine, it is necessary to abandon old habits and adopt new practices. See now six essential care for a healthy body.

1 – Sleep Tight

Getting a good night’s sleep is vital to a productive day. During sleep, your body recharges its energies and produces essential hormones for memory and learning.

Adopt a pleasant routine in the moments that precede your sleep, with a relaxing bath, quieter activities and light food.

2 – Drink Water

Keeping your body hydrated is crucial to ensure its proper functioning since your body’s vital chemical reactions depend on water.

Dehydration can make bowel movements difficult and affect cognitive performance and mood.

3 – Practice Physical Activity

Physical activity is essential for a healthy body.

The benefits are improved conditioning, blood pressure control, reduced risk of diabetes and heart attack, increased immunity, posture control, weight loss and combating stress.

Choose an activity that gives you pleasure to fit into your routine.

4 – Have A Healthy Diet

To keep the body healthy, you need to adopt a balanced diet.

Eliminate industrialized foods from your routine, reduce the consumption of salt, sugar and fats, and prioritize greens, vegetables, fruits, lean meats and lots of fiber.

A balanced diet with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals help to maintain the proper functioning of the body.

5 – Take Time To Relax And Take Care Of Your Mind

Among the essential care for a healthy body, it is always important to take time to relax and care for the mind.

It could be reading a book, meditating, stretching, listening to music, chatting with family and friends, breathing fresh air or watching a movie.

It’s your time to do something pleasurable and without commitment. Never see these moments as a waste of time but as an investment in your well-being.

6 – Keep Your Medical Check-Up Up To Date

Prevention is still the best medicine for a healthy body. Keep your appointments up to date to find out if everything is going well with your health. The ideal is an integrated team with multidisciplinary follow-up.

Now that you know how to create a care routine for a healthy body start making changes. You will see how simple habits can improve your energy, increasing productivity.

Muscle X Fat: How To Evaluate The Success Of Your Diet?

If you are one of those people who cling to numbers during your weight loss process, you are most likely distressed when looking for results. This is because losing weight doesn’t depend on that number on the scale. That’s your total body weight, but that doesn’t indicate how much muscle and fat you have.

Body Composition

As the weight loss process must be linked to fat loss, the correct analysis is made on your body composition, which is the set of components that make up the body mass.

In short, the weight on the scale considers the sum of muscle, bones, fat and water. On the other hand, body composition quantifies body mass percentages, pointing out each of these components.

Thus, the weight on the scale may not vary if the person, for example, loses fat but increases muscle. Hence the need for body analysis instead of worrying about the weight on the scale.

The analysis is done through the bioimpedance test, and this information is essential to define, together with your personal and nutritionist, the most appropriate strategies to achieve your specific objective.

So, instead of getting attached to numbers, care about your look, state of mind and well-being. Don’t calculate your victories by weight on the scale, but by what you see in the mirror and how you feel in practice when you wear that old outfit again, for example.

When understanding the importance of body composition analysis, many things make sense, like that two people with entirely different bodies weigh the same on the scale. This happens, for example, with that person who has increased muscle mass – and probably less fat – and the passive person who has less muscle and more fat.

How To Turn Fat Into Muscle?

It is impossible to transform fat into muscle, as these are two completely different tissues in their functions and composition, with independent processes.

Adopting a restrictive diet, for example, will help you lose fat without significant lean mass gain. And, worse, you can even lose muscle mass if this diet is not guided, which is one of the big problems for fast weight regain afterwards: the loss of muscle mass. In the same way, practising intense physical activity, but not adjusting the diet, can provide a muscular advantage, accompanied by an increase in fat.

The ideal weight loss process should be based on dietary re-education and a physical activity program. From there, your body composition must go through variations, eliminating fat and gaining muscle.

In addition, this process must be accompanied by a nutritionist and personal trainer and doctors and a psychologist to assess hormonal and emotional issues and other details that may compromise weight loss.

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