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9 Tips For Keeping Your Salad Always Fresh

The salad is the star vegetable of the summer! Fresh, low in calories, and rich in minerals, it goes with everything. We have every reason in the world to adore him. His only flaw? However, there are tricks to keep your salad fresh longer. After reading this article, they will have no more secrets for you!

Peel And Chill

The first tip for keeping your salad well is to put it in the fridge as soon as you get home! But, by respecting a few gestures of use:

  1. Flick it to start;
  2. Wash it;
  3. write it out;
  4. let it dry
  5. Then place it in a large airtight box;
  6. Cool it down.

With this technique, you will only have to take out the leaves when you need them and see that your salad will keep much longer than if you had placed it in the new box of your refrigerator! Following the steps detailed above should keep it for at least two weeks!

Put It On Absorbent Paper

As soon as you have bought your lettuce, wash it in a large volume of clean water, and wring it out, but do not dry it completely. The goal is that it keeps a little moisture! In a large airtight box, place squares of paper towel and then put the salad. Also, cover it with paper, close the box, and put it in the vegetable drawer of your fridge. You can keep it like this for at least a week!

Wrap It In A Tea Towel

If you’re not a fan of paper towels, you can choose the kitchen towel technique. Just wash your lettuce leaf by leaf as soon as you buy it. Do not wring it to the maximum, but place the leaves in a tea towel which you will then close gently. Store the tea towel in a cool place and ensure nothing crushes it. 

Soak It In Vinegar

If you know and love white vinegar for its many household benefits, you’ll also love it because it can help keep your salad fresh longer! Soak your fresh salad in a large volume of water and white vinegar (or cider) for the magic to work. Spin the salad without rinsing it, put it in the fridge in an airtight box or a tea towel, or leave it in your spinner. You can keep it for almost ten days like this!

Place It In A Large Salad Bowl

This trick is interesting to keep your lettuce fresh longer if you need more time to wash it right after buying it. Please place it in a large bowl so the leaves have plenty of room to breathe. Then cover the bowl with cling film. It must be well stretched and placed in the fridge’s vegetable drawer. You will only have to take leaves as soon as needed and wash them directly before drying them and serving them.

Make Your Salad Swell

Here is another simple and surprising trick that will help keep your salad fresh. Once purchased, strip it, wash it, wring it carefully, and place the leaves in a plastic bag. Before closing it, blow into it like an inflatable balloon to fill it with air. Then twist the bag around and tie a knot to close it. Please place it in the fridge; your salad will last a good week!

Put It In A Freezer Bag

But not only! Many people have already tried this promising technique but have yet to succeed. The leaves turn black quickly and are then inedible. For this trick to work, slip a paper towel inside the freezer bag. This will absorb moisture, so the salad will keep longer without rotting!

Add Dry Bread To The Salad

Because dry bread absorbs moisture, putting it with salad helps keep it fresh longer! After buying it, strip it, wash it, and wring it. Put some pieces of dry bread in a plastic bag and put it in. That’s it!

Revive A Wilted Salad

Did you follow all our advice, but your salad has wilted? In this case, follow this last trick to boost your salad: immerse it in a large bowl of cold water where you have put the equivalent of sugar! Please leave it in for 45 minutes and take it out. You will see that it will be like new!

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