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Are There Fruits That Can Help You Lose Weight?

It is often easy to find confusing and false information about fruit consumption. There is, for example, a diet that consists of consuming only certain types of fruit. This radically limits food.

Maintaining a healthy diet and exercising are essential factors for losing weight. To achieve this, it is essential to follow an adequate and complete diet guided by a professional and based on the particularities of each individual. Starving yourself is not the key to helping you lose weight; You need to be aware of which foods are good and how to include them in your meals.

In a balanced and healthy diet, fruits and vegetables are fundamental foods. Fruit is very beneficial for the body because it provides essential vitamins and antioxidants and is a natural product that does not contain calories or harmful sugars. That’s why they say that fruit can help you lose weight, although, in reality, it is a fundamental ingredient for staying healthy and in shape.

Your body almost automatically becomes fit when you base your diet on good foods and good lifestyle habits. However, we often hear that there are fruits that can help you lose weight more than others; is that true? If so, what are they? We will talk more about the subject below.

The Miracle Diets

Currently, and mainly thanks to the facilities provided by using the Internet, there are many diets and products available that promise to lose weight almost miraculously. Most of these diets, in the end, tend to be misleading and unhealthy. Therefore, you must be very careful with them.

It is often easy to find confusing and unrealistic information about fruits. For example, the myth of a diet that consists of consuming only certain types of fruit, radically limiting food, has become known. These diets have the severe problem of causing a robust nutritional imbalance. If they last long, the deficiencies they can cause in our bodies are risky.

Whatever your goal, including losing weight, before starting any diet, it’s best to talk to your doctor or other healthcare professional. In particular, a nutritionist can offer guidance on following a healthy eating plan and losing weight without risk to your health.

Can Eating Fruit Help You Lose Weight?

Nutritionists also explain that it is true that there are fruits that have more calories than others. Therefore, you could eat more low-calorie fruits, for example. However, demonizing certain fruits for having more calories is a severe mistake.

This is the case with bananas, which have more calories than apples. If you were to eat a portion of fruit – more or less 150 grams – it would be the same to eat one or the other because we are talking about minimal differences.

It is much more important to offer variety and enjoy the benefits of all types of fruit, regardless of caloric differences. Fruits, in general, are good choices. Those foods that should be eliminated from the diet are processed foods, such as snacks and fried foods.

Fruits provide ample vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other beneficial substances for the body. The idea is to consume at least three servings per day. Next, we will briefly talk about the main characteristics of some types of fruit that we should know.

Watermelon Can Help You Lose Weight

Watermelon is a high-volume food that contains a large amount of water and fiber. It is also low in calories. Helps reduce appetite and increase feelings of satiety. One cup of watermelon provides 12 mg of vitamin C, 20% of the recommended daily intake.

On the other hand, as highlighted by a publication in  Nutrition Journal, this fruit contains an amino acid called citrulline, which can increase nitric oxide levels in the body.

Therefore, its consumption helps to dilate blood vessels and reduce blood pressure. This last point is critical, especially in overweight and obese patients at greater risk of heart disease.


This acidic fruit is characterized by providing proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, potassium, folic acid, vitamin C, and vitamin A.


It should be noted that the cellulose fiber in apples is responsible for eliminating toxins and metals from the body. This can help combat stress, cellular aging, and memory loss.

Apples provide vitamins such as biotin, folic acid, beta-carotene, and vitamin C. These components help maintain a healthy digestive system and make cells function properly.

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