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Cardio Or Strength Training: Which Is The Best Workout To Lose Weight?

On the one hand, cardiovascular exercise increases energy consumption during the workout. On the other hand, strength training causes an increase in energy consumption not only while doing it but also afterward.

The Secret To Effective Weight Loss

To lose weight effectively, you must control your diet, which must be balanced, varied, and high in protein. But first, it is essential to set a goal and create a plan to achieve it.

And find out which category you belong to and start planning your goals based on the result obtained.

Exercising and leading a more active lifestyle can help increase calorie consumption. But which training is best suited to achieve the desired results?

Strength Exercises

Strength training for weight loss? It may seem implausible that this training is the most appropriate for weight loss. Strength training defines and shapes your figure. This means the more developed your muscles are, the more fat they will burn. We always tend to think that you need to run exhausting hours or jump rope for minutes and minutes to lose weight. Nothing more wrong! Thanks to strength training, you will not only have a high-calorie expenditure, but you can define and tone your body thanks to the use of weights and tools. However, this often triggers numerous doubts, such as – “the weights get bigger, I don’t want to become like a man, the weights will make me have a squat and not very slender body” – Everything is in the balance! It is essential to say that women do not have the muscle development capacity of a man if you consider a woman who trains on average 3-4 per week for about 1 hour. So no, guys! We are not going to get super muscular and not very feminine!

The best strength exercises are:

  • Squat. With your legs shoulder-width apart and your back straight, lower your buttocks as if sitting in an imaginary chair until you are at a 90-degree angle.
  • Push up. These are the typical upward thrusts with the hands and feet resting on the ground and the body in the plank position.
  • I stretch. Step forward, bending your legs until you reach a 90-degree angle. Make sure that the knees do not exceed the tips of the toes.
  • Steps on stairs. One leg is placed on the step or a slightly raised platform, and the other foot is lifted with only one leg supported by the action.
  • Biceps. With a weight of 2 kilos in each hand and the arms attached to the body, the aim is to bend the elbows, bringing the hands to the shoulders in a slow and controlled way.

Cardio Exercises

The amount of calories you burn depends on your weight and your workout’s intensity. The most famous endurance sports that can be practiced are running, cycling, hiking, and swimming.

Many women try to get the weight they want by creating training plans. Without even realizing that just approaching cardio to lose weight simply involves draining your muscles. The result: you will be leaner, but your figure will be less defined and your muscles less firm.

In conclusion, combining the two cardio and strength workouts promotes weight loss and helps define muscles and shape the body. Strength training will increase your basal metabolic rate, which will help you burn more calories in the long run. The combination is the key.



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