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Do You Know What The Main Consequences Of Obesity Are?

Aesthetics is a critical issue and helps us work on our self-esteem. However, when we talk about the consequences of obesity, we want to warn about caring for one’s health.

That’s because there are many problems related to this subject that can get worse if there is no change in lifestyle. According to IBGE data, the number of obese and overweight individuals has grown significantly, reaching about 96 million people in the country. That is why it is necessary to change this reality and make everyone aware.

With that in mind, stay with us and understand the best way to circumvent obesity in search of achieving longevity healthily. Good reading!

The Criteria Considered To Indicate Obesity

Generally, it is necessary to follow a specific formula to identify the individual’s Body Mass Index (BMI). To do this, divide the weight by height x-height. If the result is equal to or greater than 30 kg/m², it is within what is classified as obesity, as it has reached grade I. Grade II ranges from 35 to 39.9 kg/m². Finally, there is grade III with a classification greater than 40 kg/m².

Understand The Harms Of Free Radicals

Before talking about what antioxidants are, it is necessary to understand why you should be careful with free radicals. These molecules are the result of the cellular activity of our body, resulting from physical activity and the transformation of food into energy. In this case, they have an odd number of electrons and can quickly associate with other molecules with a positive charge.

That’s why it’s essential to control your levels. Otherwise, oxidation occurs, harming healthy cells. In short, free radicals do not represent harm to the body, as they have the function of defense and energy generation. However, any excess brings harm to human beings.

So, the tip is to focus on practices that avoid this excess accumulation and prevent compromising the structure of these molecules, which can cause premature aging and loss of skin elasticity, for example, in addition to health problems.

The Main Consequences Of Obesity

Usually, the lack of daily exercise and a healthy diet causes the individual to lead a sedentary life. However, excess weight also occurs due to genetic issues, hormonal changes, and body fat accumulation due to some medications intake. In any case, it is necessary to change this situation so that it does not evolve and the person is subject to the consequences of obesity. See some of them in the subtopics below.


Due to the lack of an active life, the blood accumulates the amount of sugar the body absorbs during irregular and nutrient-poor eating. Thus, increasing caloric intake over time causes resistance to insulin action.

High Cholesterol

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most alarming consequences of obesity. That’s because the accumulation of harmful fat in blood vessels leaves the person vulnerable to heart attack or other cardiovascular complications.

Sleep Time Problems

First, sleep quality helps the individual’s well-being and willingness to carry out their daily activities. However, apnea is one of the consequences of obesity, bringing respiratory complications, noises, and interruptions when sleeping.

Muscle And Bone Issues

Among other consequences of obesity, we can mention joint pain. An example is arthritis, which, in addition to redness and tenderness in the region, causes intense pain and usually sudden painful attacks during the night.

The Importance Of Having A Medical Follow-Up

Beforehand, people who suffer the consequences of obesity need to seek the help of a doctor. In this way, he evaluates each person’s situation and proposes a solution that guarantees significant improvement. So don’t self-medicate or take someone else’s prescription. Otherwise, you can make your health worse.

In this article, you learned what the main consequences of obesity are. So, note that this issue goes far beyond beauty standards. After all, the important thing is that you lead a healthy life and don’t expose yourself to risk.


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