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Emotional Weight Loss

Emotional weight loss happens more than it should, which can be a considerable health problem.

Just as some psychological problems can lead to weight gain and some medications make the body bloated, there is also weight loss because of them, which is unhealthy.

In addition, these problems go far beyond weight loss and low immunity; they can affect other factors.

The lack of self-esteem often makes the person search for “evolution.” Some eating disorders are also psychological and can be the primary triggers.

What Is Anorexia?

It is an eating disorder where the person has the image that they are fat, even if they are at or below the ideal weight. Therefore, the person has very restrictive behaviors, such as:

  • Eating too little and lack of appetite
  • Always be on a diet to lose weight, including counting the calories of each food
  • Refusing to eat and always being afraid to put on a few pounds
  • Doing physical activities solely to lose weight

Everyone who suffers from this disease rarely assumes they have it. They will usually try to hide that they don’t eat, often pretending to eat at meals with family and friends.

In addition, when this disease is at another level, it directly impacts the person’s metabolism, often leading to malnutrition. This disease can also bring more problems, such as the absence of menstruation, pain in the abdomen, weakness, tiredness, heart changes, and constipation.

The signs must be identified as soon as possible so that the treatment can be started as quickly as possible.

What Is Bulimia?

It is also an eating disorder; however, in this case, the person is most often at the appropriate weight for their age and height or a little above and wants to lose weight.

Unlike anorexia, the person who has bulimia eats whatever they want. However, they feel guilty about eating and using laxatives or vomiting after meals to eliminate the Guilt and avoid weight gain. In addition, as in anorexia, they exercise in an exacerbated way to lose weight.

See The Main Characteristics Of Bulimia

  • The compulsion for some foods
  • Excessive consumption of the same
  • Always need to go to the bathroom after meals
  • Desire to lose weight even without needing to
  • Negative feelings such as Guilt, regret, and shame after overeating

In addition to the symptoms mentioned above, there are other signs or symptoms, such as changes in teeth, weakness, dizziness, and frequent inflammation of the throat.

How Do You Differentiate Anorexia From Bulimia?

  1. Refuses to eat and does not eat x Continues to eat, often excessively.
  2. Lose a lot of weight and Lose weight a little above normal or normally.
  3. Distorts the body image itself, not matching reality x Makes a slightly smaller distortion matching reality.
  4. It usually starts in adolescence x It begins in adulthood, usually around 20 years old.
  5. He keeps denying that he is hungry x There is a referred hunger.
  6. Affects shy people x Affects extroverted people
  7. Does not realize the seriousness of the problem, considering his behavior standard x Everything he does causes shame, Fear, and Guilt.
  8. Does not menstruate x. Your period is irregular.

Other reasons can cause a person to lose weight due to psychological problems.

Depression – Emotional Weight Loss

We live in a time of mental problems, and according to our emotions, some issues can come. That’s because emotions are what move us, motivate us and also demotivate us. Therefore, being well can bring health benefits, and when you are evil, things get complicated.

Sadness is a familiar feeling that doesn’t necessarily affect your productivity; even if you are discouraged, you can carry out your activities.

In depression, the situation is different because people lose the will to do what they like. Those who are depressed see only sadness and hopelessness; this makes the stomach sick with so much anguish and takes away hunger.

This kind of weight loss is unhealthy because if depression beats you, you give up on things; you want to sleep and nothing else. Therefore, your body gets used to lying down, and it will suffer more and more to get back up.

Anxiety – Emotional Weight Loss

This disease plays both ways or makes you want to eat fatty and sweet things to relieve the anguish. Doing this is common for people to gain weight.

On the other hand, anxiety has the symptoms of an accelerated heart, nausea, and shortness of breath. With the sum of these three factors, you are expected not to feel hungry.

Stress – Emotional Weight Loss

Stress is something ubiquitous in everyday life that takes away our sleep and our hunger because thoughts are accelerated. On the other hand, just like anxiety, those who are sometimes stressed also take it out on food.

Practicing physical exercises is the best way to lose weight healthily while suffering from constant stress. That’s because all the stress-energy is left within the training environment.

It acts directly on body weight and maybe by increasing cortisol in blood circulation.


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