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Fashion Write For Us To Health care N Fashion is now open for all the fashion enthusiasts who are aware with the latest trends in the fashion industry, modern-day dressing styles, beauty tips, fitness and health care ideas for an elegant and attractive physique, voguish celebrity fashion, skin care and make over and much more.

Living just to lead a life is not the present-day concept but to live life stylishly and sophisticatedly has become the slogan of many. Being fashionable and beautiful builds self-confidence and self-respect. Fashion today has rooted even into the remote areas. Every culture in this world has its sense of fashion and style. Once quoted by famous American fashion photographer Bill Cunningham, ‘Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.’

Everybody, irrespective of gender, likes to be classy and fabulous.

Our website aims to help fulfil people’s dreams, make unknown things known, and bring out better versions of themselves, and so, we want to come up with genuine and practicable solutions and tips on fashion and beauty. If you are confident enough to contribute your knowledge on fashion, beauty and health, we will be more than delighted to collaborate with you.

We invite and encourage guest bloggers, new authors, passionate writers, fashion designers, beauty experts, fitness trainers to develop effective and useful content for the audience. You can contact us or send your articles to our email id

If you are willing to ‘Write For Us Fashion‘, please note the specifications we laid to accept and publish your articles. The guidelines given below help you create suitable articles for our website.

Guidelines To Be Followed While Writing An Article


The content you prepare must be unique, authentic, truthful and analyzed in-depth. We are hostile to copy-pasted information and request you not to waste your time with that idea. Make sure the write up is simple yet effective, easy to grasp in a well-structured manner. Please remember that we address global audiences from different places with different depictions of fashion, so take extra care to construct the article around the topic without deviating into unnecessary matters.

Titles And H1, H2, H3:

Use attractive titles and subtitles. Categorize the content into small paragraphs. Highlight important phrases or words. Make use of bullets to comprehend the points quickly. Above all, try to create presentable content.

Word Count:

We accept articles with a minimum of 800 words. We love to receive well-analyzed articles with more than 1000 words which help to rank better.

Images And Videos:

Authors or writers must include suitable, good-quality images in the article as they play an important role in quickly catching the readers’ attention. You can also add self-made videos to make the public understand the concept better. Images and videos must be free from copyright or give an acknowledgement to the images used.

Author Bio:

Attach your bio at the end of the article in 80 to 100 words for acquaintance. You can also add a proper backlink or a Do-Follow link to your website.

Promotional Links:

We do not accept affiliate or promotional links to your products or other brands. Please do not try to treat our platform for advertising purposes.


You can write the article in any of the formats.

  • Word document
  • Google document


The fashion and beauty industry is a vast subject, and you can find countless topics. To give you an idea about the topics we deal with on our website, we shortlisted a few ideas. Could you go through them and explore them even deeper?

Related Topics To Fashion Write For Us

  • Latest trends in Fashion
  • Professional Fashion
  • Seasonal Fashion
  • Celebrity Fashion
  • Men’s, Women’s and Kids fashion wear
  • Fashionable accessories
  • Event Fashion
  • Reviews on Fashion products

Related Topics To Beauty Write For Us

  • Beauty Tips and Tricks
  • Glowing, Clear and Healthy Skin
  • Eye Care
  • Cosmetic Treatments
  • Lips Care
  • Body hair Removal
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Nail Art
  • Hair Growth Tips
  • Makeup Products
  • Hair Fall Solutions

Related Topics To Health Write For Us

  • Weight loss Tips
  • Homemade remedies for flawless skin
  • Hair and skin problems and solutions
  • Health and wellness
  • Exercises to maintain a good physique
  • Diet and workouts
  • Recipes for healthy skin and body

Why Contribute An Article To HealthCarenFashion?

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How To Submit The Article HealthCarenFashion?

If you have followed the above guidelines and you are ready with the article, you can reach us at

Once we receive the article in the form of a google document or word document, our editorial team will scrutinize it further and make changes if required. If the article is ready for publication, we will inform the same through an email. The published link will be shared with you as well.

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