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Healthy Eating: Understand Its Relationship With Employee Performance

You have probably heard the famous phrase, “You are what you eat”. Despite being a cliché, this expression is very true because the nutrients in the food we eat supply our cells and constitute our body.

Food directly influences employees’ productivity and causes a series of problems when it is unbalanced from a nutritional point of view, such as indisposition, fatigue, and poor digestion, in addition to causing serious damage to mental and physical health. These are some of the indications of the need for nutritional re-education.

In the corporate environment, the relationship between healthy eating and professional performance is very strong — the effects are easily perceived in the performance and productivity of an employee. Do you want to understand this relationship better? Continue reading and check it out!

The Concept Of Healthy Eating

Gastronomy, functional foods, fitness and many terms and expressions, each with its reasons, are involved in food. But, in this environment, what would be a healthy diet and not just a pleasant one?

A healthy diet can provide all the nutrients the body needs to be well and balanced. At the same time, to be genuinely healthy, it must not be accompanied by elements foreign to good nutrition, such as preservatives, dyes and other products from the food industry.

To contain the necessary nutrients, the diet must be varied but as balanced as possible. And yet, to be healthy, it must be safe or free of biological contaminants such as fungi and bacteria and chemical products of any origin.

It should be noted that other aspects not related to the food itself and its quality are also essential in characterizing a healthy diet. This is the case of the way food is ingested and the conditions under which the meal is eaten.

Consider, for example, adequate, varied food, healthy but eaten in a hurry in an environment of tension or stress. Such a diet cannot be considered healthy.

Healthy Eating And Productivity

The relationship between healthy Eating and productivity has already been the subject of studies, including the International Labor Organization, attesting that an inadequate diet in the work environment can reduce up to 20% of the productivity and efficiency of employees.

A healthy and balanced diet, with the possibility of nutritional support, is the basis for maintaining our body and providing the necessary nutrients to carry out our day-to-day activities efficiently.

Suppose a lack or excess of nutrients comprises the digestive system. In that case, other systems in the human body will be affected, such as memory, reasoning and concentration — essential brain processes for developing any activity.

It is safe to say that diet can be responsible for the low performance of a professional in many situations, regardless of the type of activity he performs. Therefore, encouraging better eating habits is an investment in the health of employees and the company’s results.

If we are what we eat, what will become of a team that eats poorly? Initially, it will be a team with more fragile health, vulnerable and low performance.

Of course, other impacts directly affect employee performance. But, a healthy diet can bring several benefits to the company — among them is the much-desired increase in productivity.

The Importance Of Healthy Eating

The high rates of absences due to illness or difficulties in exercising a function are often triggered by disorders such as obesity, insomnia and chronic diseases. In addition to affecting many professionals, poor diet contributes a lot to the development of these factors.

People with a balanced and healthy diet are more vigorous and willing to complete the workday, even on those days that seem longer and more tiring.

Maintaining food education at work is important to ward off diseases such as anemia, hypertension, and diabetes, among many others, that can increase absenteeism.

In a healthy diet, certain nutrients, such as omega 3, help build the myelin sheath, the membrane surrounding neurons and optimizes brain functioning. Thus, there is an improvement in reasoning, memory and concentration. 

The Benefits Of Healthy Eating

A healthy and nutritious meal benefits humans, whether in the work environment or outside. Therefore, eating well is a true personal investment — in longevity, vitality and willingness to carry out all activities in professional and personal life.

Consuming greens, vegetables, carbohydrates and proteins, controlling alcohol consumption, and practicing physical activities represent a set of good practices to improve in this regard. See below some of the main benefits of healthy Eating.

Performance Improvement

That fatigue caused by excessive and greasy food, which leaves the person with a slow metabolism, seriously compromises performance in daily activities. This is a notable impact when an employee is not eating well, evidenced by productivity indicators.

On the contrary, when the employee eats in a balanced and adequate way, the discouragement after the meal disappears, and he resumes activities with disposition and energy, which causes an increase in the level of deliveries.

Quality Of Life

The set of factors — sleep, immune system, stress, mood — that provides quality of life to human beings can be harmonized by an enriched and balanced diet.

A balanced diet, at defined times and in tune with the needs of each one, maintains the proper functioning of the body and prevents the development of opportunistic diseases waiting for a drop in immunity to take hold.

Obesity is a major concern these days. In addition to a huge supply of fatty foods, a sedentary lifestyle is a reality for many people, impairs physical and mental well-being.

Therefore, investing in good nutrition and encouraging healthy habits guarantees a willing and engaged team with greater performance and quality of life.

Reduction Of Accidents At Work

Inadequate food makes the employee disperse and numb, and, in certain functions, attention is vital to avoid accidents that seriously damage the professional and the company.

Therefore, accidents at work can also be avoided through good nutrition, which ensures employees are more willing and attentive to the risks of their activity.

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