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Healthy Habits: How & Which Ones To Encourage In Company!

Does your company encourage healthy habits among employees? Be aware that this practice brings many benefits to both the worker and the corporation. Do you know the reasons?

This is an increasingly strong trend in the workplace, as the quality of life directly influences employee performance and engagement and, consequently, the company’s good results.

Want to know how to promote a healthier lifestyle among employees? So, keep reading because that’s what we discuss in this post!

Why Promote Healthy Habits In The Company?

It’s no secret that you need to maintain healthy habits to have better health, well-being and longevity. With them, having a more functional body and preventing various diseases is possible.

Knowing this, have you ever thought that an employee who maintains a healthy lifestyle is more productive? So it is! A good diet, physical activity, regular sleep and other attitudes make a person better disposed and resistant to illnesses.

Now, imagine the opposite: someone who eats poorly is sedentary, sleeps little and smokes; their physical and mental integrity is compromised. Consequently, he earns much less when performing his role and misses more work for health reasons.

Everyone knows that it is necessary to maintain healthy habits to have quality of life and health, which, in turn, is essential for employees to perform well at work.

How Do We Promote Healthy Habits In The Workplace?

Now that you know the reasons to encourage healthy habits among your employees, the question remains: how to promote them? The company encourages a more beneficial life inside and outside the work environment with simple actions. Below, see our tips.

Balanced Diet

A healthy, nutrient-rich diet is essential for maintaining good health and a functional body. Encouraging this habit among employees may be easier than you think.

Healthy Menu

Companies that provide meals for employees must offer a varied and nutritious menu. Hiring a nutritionist or a food company to care for this part is a good idea.

Meal Conditions

Therefore, employees who work part-time and do not eat meals provided by the company need a suitable place to do so.

A cafeteria with appropriate conditions so they can store and consume healthy food instead of consuming processed food due to lack of a suitable place.


Information is a powerful weapon. How about taking advantage of the place where employees eat their meals to teach them how to eat better? To do this, post flyers and posters in the cafeteria.

Another effective measure is lectures given by nutritionists, who cover in a didactic manner various topics related to food, from how to get better nutrition to how to avoid diseases through diet.

Physical Activities

Regularly practicing physical activities improves physical conditioning, prevents diseases, and helps maintain adequate body weight, among other benefits. Therefore, encouraging it dramatically helps to promote the employee’s quality of life.

Have you ever heard of workplace gymnastics? It involves 10 to 15 minutes of physical exercise during work hours, led by a physiotherapist or physical educator.

It is based on stretching techniques, perception of body control, breathing, postural re-education and muscle compensation. See the advantages:

  • improves the respiratory, cardiac and skeletal system;
  • reduces the feeling of fatigue and tiredness at the end of the working day;
  • increases attention and concentration;
  • combats and prevents occupational diseases (RSI/WMSD, stress, depression and anxiety);
  • improves physical conditioning, motor coordination, resistance and flexibility;
  • minimizes monotony;
  • promotes interaction between employees.

It is widespread for employees who practice gymnastics at work to start doing physical exercises outside of the work environment as they realize all the benefits they bring to the body and mind.


In addition to taking care of your body, maintaining healthy habits means taking care of your mind. Everyday stress, both at work and home, directly affects an employee’s performance, which can unbalance the company’s productivity.

Other than that, stress is one of the great villains of the development of anxiety and depression. For this reason, it is necessary to combat it in the workplace and provide employees with a better quality of life.

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