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How To Eliminate Toxins And Purify The Body

Eat lots of fruit and vegetables, drink plenty of water and exercise in the open air: it doesn’t take much to detoxify the body from excess toxins. Here are all the natural remedies.

How To Eliminate Toxins In A Natural Way

Various factors can pollute the organism. A bad, or excessive, diet. Too sedentary lifestyles. Not to mention the smog and the dirty air we breathe. Eliminate toxins, purify yourself, and cleanse the body: they become necessities we can face with simple and ancient natural remedies. That is, without resorting to the waste of purchasing supplements and medicines. Just think of the use of water, a fundamental substance for cleaning the whole organism.

What Are Toxins

Toxins can be of two types: endogenous when the body produces them due to ingested foods or exogenous when they are due to dyes, excipients or preservatives. To purify the organism, it is, therefore, necessary to stimulate the activity of all those organs such as the kidneys, liver, intestines and lungs that appear as the physiological purifiers of our body. But how? A natural remedy could be taking certain foods with detoxifying properties, such as artichokes and asparagus.

How To Eliminate Toxins In A Natural Way

Here’s how to get back into shape in a natural way, purifying the body of toxins also helping the liver to cleanse itself :

  • First, avoid fasting because by doing so, you slow down your metabolism and have the opposite effect.
  • In addition to asparagus and artichokes, at the table, do not miss cabbage and broccoli, which are rich in substances helpful in detoxifying the liver, garlic which is essential for detoxifying the intestine and fresh fruit and vegetables of all kinds: ‘pineapple with celery up to melon and onion.
  • Yogurt is also perfect: choose the lean one and consume at least two days.
  • Do not neglect physical exercise; even sweat allows you to detoxify the body.
  • Drink plenty of water: two liters a day eliminate most of the toxins accumulated by the body and help keep the liver and kidneys in perfect health.
  • Avoid sugary fruit juices and carbonated drinks rich in dyes and additives; otherwise, you will not get any benefit and drink only plain water; at most, add a pinch of lemon.

How To Purify The Body In A Natural Way

  • Herbal teas also have an essential purifying effect on the body. Among the most effective are blackcurrant teas (stimulates diuresis and eliminates uric acids), nettle (which acts on the skin) and birch: they deflate and eliminate excess fluids. Do not underestimate the chicory herbal tea, which stimulates the activity of the liver and pancreas.
  • Finally, another helpful remedy could be to carry out a weekly scrub to eliminate dead cells, promote microcirculation and restore elasticity to the skin. To avoid wasting money on expensive products, try the DIY scrub with coffee grounds.

How Do You Remove Toxins From The Body?

Apart from our recommendations on nutrition and physical activity, other fundamental natural remedies to remove toxins from our body concern some aspects of lifestyles.

  • Sleep regenerates our body, carries out a purifying action, and contributes to eliminating toxins.
  • Walking frequently and having good breathing are small natural exercises to eliminate toxins.
  • Vegetable,  peanut, corn and sunflower seed oils should be eliminated from the diet. They are possible sources of toxins.

When Is The Body Full Of Toxins

Some unequivocal signs, not to be underestimated, indicate how our body is polluted with toxins, even in abundance. The first sign is unwarranted weight gain, usually accompanied by a rise in cholesterol. The second sign: is constipation and bad breath.

Toxins do not help the intestine function properly and can cause frequent stomach pains. Third sign: excessive sweating. It means the liver is trying to expel toxins, not continuously with good results. Finally, since the increase in toxins involves a more significant effort on the part of our body, we get a feeling of tiredness and fatigue. Like the effect on the skin: Excessive accumulation of toxins leads to acne,  rashes, dark circles and psoriasis. All signs are to be taken into consideration. 


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