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How To Improve Facial Skin With 100% Healthy Habits

Did you know that your skin’s health can directly impact your self-esteem? This is reinforced when we notice the variety and quantity of products aimed at the health of your skin, ranging from hydration to cell exfoliation.

We decided to write a text so that you can learn how to improve your facial skin with 100% natural habits.

Of course, you can use beauty and self-care products! They will even be mentioned throughout this article. However, our bad habits can directly influence our skin’s beauty, causing unwanted spots and pimples on our faces.

How To Improve Facial Skin? Not Charging So Much!

First of all, a warning! Today, we live in a reality dominated by social media. Therefore, we have access to photos and videos of influencers and celebrities on the internet every day.

So, it is impossible for us not to make comparisons. To give you an idea, according to research , about 41% of young people have already felt sadness, anxiety or depression due to social networks.

One of these reasons may be related to self-image. Therefore, before continuing with this text, we brought this warning: there is no such thing as perfect skin. If the influencer you follow doesn’t have expression marks or pimples and has smooth, textureless skin, be suspicious and don’t compare yourself!

What you might call “perfect skin” can result from filters, editing, or layering makeup. So, don’t look for the impossible and be careful who you look up to.

What Are The Skin Types?

As we said earlier, there is no such thing as perfect skin. This is reinforced when we think that there are three types of skin. That’s right, how can there be a pattern when every complexion is unique?

Do you know what your skin type is? They are 1 :

  • Oily skin. If your face looks shiny, most likely, your skin is oily. One of the main features is oiliness to the touch, a feature that can cause acne and blackheads to appear on your face;
  • Dry skin. Unlike the oily one, this skin does not have a hint of oiliness. Therefore, it has less shine and gives a feeling of lack of elasticity. The act of peeling can be shared by those who have this type of skin;
  • Mixed skin. She is in the middle ground. While the T-zone, which includes the forehead, nose and chin, has an oily appearance, the eye area and cheeks are drier and can flake.

You saw that we didn’t mention “normal skin”, right? In the literature, this would be flawless skin, one that has a matte aspect, is very flexible and without lack or excess water and sebum. With cosmetic procedures, this type of complexion is easier to achieve.

What To Do To Improve The Skin Of The Face?

Shall we start with some habit changes? Here, we’re going to bring two actions that can be administered in your everyday life, which can bring many benefits to your face. They are easy to put into practice, but you need willpower until they become part of your routine.

Eat Right

As you may know, food provides all the nutrients our bodies need to function well and healthily. With the skin, this is no different.

So, first of all, what you can do to improve your facial skin is to improve your diet.

Studies have shown that a diet rich in foods with a low nutritional index, such as sweets, soft drinks, biscuits and industrialized juices, is related to the appearance of acne.

Therefore, prefer a diet with natural ingredients, mainly rich in copper, iodine, and zinc, which are essential minerals for healthy skin. In addition, consume foods with vitamins C and E, which have antioxidant action, fighting premature aging of the skin.

Drink Water

Earlier, we discussed how excess and lack of water could characterize two skin types. So, imagine when we remember that 70% of the body is composed of water.

Research in the area only reaffirms that drinking the right amounts of water daily directly impacts facial hydration. Following this logic, using moisturizing lotions and remembering to drink water would be helpful.

The exact amount of water may vary depending on the source. Experts recommend up to eight glasses daily. In the United States, this value increases to 3.7 liters and 2.7 liters for men and women, respectively.

Tips For Beautiful And Healthy Skin

While you try to change your habits, eat healthier foods and take a bottle of water with you everywhere, you can follow these tips on improving your facial skin.

Here, we will discuss what to do directly on the face, keeping your skin healthy and vibrant. They are:

  • Clean the skin well. For this, use products aimed at the face. And remember to follow your skin type, avoiding lotions that are too moisturizing for oily skin;
  • Use sunscreen. On the face, you must always have sunscreen. This goes outdoors and indoors, as electric light can also hurt the skin.

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