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How To Lose Weight In A Week? Discover The Secret To Eliminating Fat

If you struggle with the scales, you must have seen many miraculous advertisements that promise quick and effortless weight loss. Here on the site, we always warn that being very careful with this proposal is necessary, as health can be put at risk.

However, this does not mean that rapid weight loss is not possible. In this article, we will share the result of a scientific experiment that showed how to lose weight in a week, improve your health, and reduce the risk of chronic non-communicable diseases.

It’s not a miracle, and it’s science! Read on to find out how these results are possible!

Healthy Weight Loss: A Matter Of Principles

There is no magic formula to lose weight for good. Here, we always make it clear that everything related to health depends on adopting habits that meet the needs of our bodies.

We understand, as does the medical community, that obesity is a disease. The extra kilos are attacking our organism and deregulating its functioning. 

Therefore, fat accumulation results from days, months and years of abuse committed against our bodies. One must return to practicing the principles of health that meet the body’s needs.

In this way, it will eliminate not only the extra kilos but also the free radicals that cause disease and aging, the plaques that form in the arteries, insulin resistance and many other problems resulting from an inadequate lifestyle.

Fortunately, besides the solution is within our reach, the body can quickly respond to changing habits. That’s what we found here. See below!

How To Lose Weight In A Week: A Proposal Based On Natural Remedies

Our treatment programs include using Natural Remedies to restore health. The same goes for obesity.

During the period of stay, guests have access to:

  • a strict vegetarian diet (without meat, milk, eggs and their derivatives);
  • a personalized program of intense physical exercises, according to the physical preparation of each guest;
  • encouraging the use of other natural remedies: controlled exposure to sunlight, drinking plenty of water, herbal help for those who have trouble sleeping;
  • We also offer complementary therapies, which enhance the lifestyle change results.

Healthy Weight Loss: What Do These Numbers Have To Say?

As you can see, the study showed that the vegetarian diet, combined with the practice of physical exercises, provides fast weight loss, but in a healthy way. Guests who stayed longer had excellent results, with women losing an average of 4.7 kg in 21 days and men shedding up to 5.3 kg in just 16 days.

Such weight loss speed is considered high and, at the same time, healthy. It is important to point out that when a product or diet promises an extremely accelerated weight loss, there can be several damage to health.

How To Lose Weight In A Week: The Benefits Of Vegetarian Food

One of the main advantages of this program is that people have a high level of satiety. By starting the meal with raw foods (50%) on the plate, people consume a large volume of food but with very few calories.

Only after being satiated with raw food our guests are encouraged to add cooked food, respecting the proportions of the light dish. This way, they don’t consume a lot of carbohydrates and proteins. They meet the body’s needs for these nutrients without exaggerating the dose.

Unlike traditional diets, this high volume of hypocaloric foods (low calories) provides long-term satiety. Thus, the feeling of permanent hunger that most people who try to lose weight experience is rare in this food and lifestyle re-education process.

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