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How To Set Up A Home Gym

Many people decide not to go to the gym and set up their own Home Gym. This article shows what it takes to train well and get results. What tools do you need at home, and where to buy the equipment? Remember that in the gym, they say that there are 7 fundamental exercises (with their relative variations): Flat bench, Deadlift, Squat, Pull-ups, Barbell row, Slow standing, Dip. If you can do these 7 exercises at home, plus a few complementary ones, you won’t have to regret any gym. 

Home Gym: 5 Tools That Cannot Be Missing

Not all tools are essential, but if we want results, here are 5 things you can’t have for your Home Gym workout. You could go to the gym if you aim to have similar results.

The Balance Wheel

Without a barbell, achieving noteworthy results at home becomes very difficult. You can train with dumbbells, but it’s not the same thing, the kg you can load on a barbell is essential to obtain results. Buy a 20kg barbell, not the smaller ones, which are limiting, except for girls.

Modular Dumbbells

If you have the money and space, you can fill your rack with dumbbells from 5 kg to 30-40 kg. But to save space and money, you should look for modular handlebars that allow you to reach at least 30 kg. In this way, with the barbell, you will already have 90% of the essential equipment for the house.

Bench And (Racks Or Trestles)

A bench to do press-ups on, a rack or trestles to train safely, and squats are essential for a complete workout at home. The rack is very comfortable and will allow you to do pull-ups too, but if you don’t have space, make up for it with two stands for the barbell. Take the tilting, and choose a wide bench to support and fit the shoulder blades well if possible.

Traction Bar

You need to get a bar if you don’t have a rack to do pull-ups. There are both intra-door ones (they will destroy your jambs) and those to be nailed to the wall. If you don’t have a lat machine, the bar with which you can do vertical pulls is another tool indispensable 

If pull-ups are still too hard an exercise, buy some bands to help you in the exercise.

Apparatus 5 Parallels

The last tool to be completed is the parallels, where we can do dips, an excellent exercise for the whole trunk. They are not essential, but we advise you to buy them since the cost is not excessive and the space is limited.

How To Design A Home Gym

To create your own Home Gym, the most important factors are 2:

  1. disposable income
  2. free space

If you have unlimited space and budget, for example, you train in your garage, you can think about designing:

Rubberized Floor

It will save you the real floor, allowing you to do the exercises relatively safely (see deadlift ). In addition to cushioning the weights placed on the ground, it will also allow you to make relatively less noise if you are in an apartment building (neighbors will still complain about the vibrations when you place the barbell). The cost of the rubberized floor is quite high, so few will be able to afford it. Consider a platform for the risers.


Often underestimated, training in a non-dark place increases the desire to train and relieves depression. Make your home gym look comfortable and attractive. Good light (LEDs, lamps, etc.) can help change your look.

Cardio Machines

Cardio machines for training at home require an item of their own. If you want one, you can go from the mechanical traction carpet (for walking uphill) to the treadmill, stationary bike, or rowing machine (the most tiring). Costs range from a few hundred euros (poor machines) to more than 1,000-1,500 euros for the most reliable ones.


If you have the money and space, definitely buy yourself some machines such as the leg press (if you don’t do the squat), the lat machine (if you don’t do the pull-ups), the chest press (if you don’t do the bench press), etc. However, if you don’t have money/space, a few accessories are enough to increase the possibility of doing various exercises and their variations. Useful, if not essential, are:

  1. Set of rubber bands
  2. Rubberized mat
  3. Gymnastic rings or TRX
  4. Jump rope and kettlebells

With these, you will complete your arsenal for training at home.

Cost Of Home Gym

The cost of a gym is very subjective and depends on whether you put some machinery in or rely only on free weights and Calisthenics. In the first case, a home gym can cost 15-18,000 euros and includes, in addition to the essential tools, also the most famous machines. In the second case, if we buy 150-250 kg of discs, modular dumbbells, racks, etc., we will spend between 1,500-4,500 euros. 

We do not advise you to spend less if you take what is indicated as essential because the quality will probably be too low and will not allow you to train at your best. If, on the other hand, you want to spend less than 500 euros, we advise you to limit yourself to Calisthenics (possibly buying dumbbells), bodyweight training can give excellent satisfaction, and if you are not excessively overweight, with the use of elastic bands, you can easily approach this way to train.

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