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Discover The Ideal Types Of Workouts For Those Who Want To Lose Weight

Losing weight is one of the main concerns of people today. Therefore, doing workouts to lose weight is a very common goal. In the universe of health, however, there is no rule which requires the interconnection of several factors to improve results and achieve the goals set.

First, it is worth emphasizing the importance of physical exercise as a beneficial habit regardless of the individual’s condition. Weight loss is just one of its advantages, including bone strengthening, lowering blood pressure, and minimizing problems such as anxiety, depression, and stress.

Bodybuilding, functional training, aerobics… You may know these terms from hearing so much about them, but you need to know exactly what each consists of. If you have doubts about the right alternative to lose weight, continue with us because, in this text, we will address the types of training to keep up with the scales!


As common sense may give the opposite impression, bodybuilding is not only for those looking to gain muscle mass. The tendency is to think of strong guys pulling very high weights. Still, this type of training goes far beyond  ​​hypertrophy and strength, reducing the risk of diabetes, optimizing body posture, and qualifying respiratory conditioning.

Like any other high-intensity physical exercise, bodybuilding requires very high energy expenditure. Do you know what the main consequence of this is? Calorie burning! The number always varies according to the person, the time, and the activities performed, but an hour of practice can consume about 350 calories.

All components of human musculature need a lot of energy to act, which causes this process of energy need and subsequent calorie burning. Figured as one of the best workouts to lose weight, bodybuilding accelerates the body’s metabolism and encourages caloric expenditure even after the end of the activity.

Allied with the classic movements involving machines and dumbbells, there are some complementary stimuli, which we will see below in the active, aerobic, and HIIT topics.

Functional Training

More and more evidence in Brazil, functional training offers attractive features for those who want to lose those extra pounds. The limitations and main individual goals are central aspects of activity planning.

The mix of several exercises distinguishes the function, adding dynamism to the time in the gym. Naval rope, sled, and free squat are good examples of more fun and lighter practices.

From the weight loss process perspective, functional training earns even more points. After all, an hour of this modality can consume an average of 800 calories. As if that were not enough, there is a stimulus to improve flexibility and gains in strength and body balance.

Marked by the famous circuits, the functional works resistance activities combined with aerobic exercises, allowing weight loss while toning the muscles. However, it is interesting to remember that the demand for good physical fitness increases; that is, beginners must go through an adaptation period.


Among the workouts to lose weight, we can’t help but list the good old aerobics. Highly important for optimizing oxidative muscle capacity and fat metabolism, this activity releases endorphins, which stimulate well-being, fight psychological problems, and improve blood circulation.

A great aerobic exercise option is running, for example. In approximate values, an hour of running at about 10 km/h makes the body burn 700 calories. If you choose this alternative, wear comfortable shoes and do preparatory stretches.

Cycling is another great potential aerobic activity for the weight loss process. All leg musculature is activated when cycling, receiving important stimuli for strengthening and mass gain. In addition, half an hour of activity is enough to burn an average of 250 calories at around 20 km/h.

Jumping rope, going up and down stairs, and dancing are also useful aerobics for weight loss, working for different muscle groups, and improving the body’s functioning.


Oops, this acronym you don’t know! But calm down, because we are going to explain the reasons why it has appeared so much. In English, HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training or High-Intensity Interval Training.

The main objective is to increase the effort in less training time. The intensity of aerobic exercises in HIIT is effective, in particular, due to the metabolic acceleration not only during the activity but also up to about 24 hours after the end of it.

Thus, the weight loss process receives a considerable incentive related to continuity. Another great advantage of HIIT is the flexibility of places to do it. After all, no equipment is required, making it possible to practice in the gym or even outdoors. This still adds speed to training.

According to the protocol, it is better to do five sets of 15 seconds of running at high intensity, resting another 15 seconds between them, than to waste more time of the day with slow and less intense efforts.

Having listed four workouts to lose weight, it is very important to emphasize that there is no magic formula to promote weight loss. There are several options, and you can choose the model that gives you the most pleasure and motivation. Still, all activities are directly proportional to your daily effort to achieve medium- and long-term results.

Before starting the weight loss process, see a doctor and make sure about your health. It is also worth mentioning the primordial role played by food, as what you eat dictates the pace of results from training. The help of a specialized professional is what makes the difference in many respects!

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