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Sport: Healthy And Fit At Any Age

Sport and exercise have a positive effect on the body and mind. Therefore, regular training is essential – how often and how intensively depends, among other things, on age and previous illnesses.The fact is: practically everyone can and should move. However, before newcomers, especially people with health problems, start a new sport, they should seek advice from a doctor. Better safe than sorry. It doesn’t always have to be a marathon: Nordic walking or going for a walk can, for example, be alternatives that are adapted to individual resilience. Once the doctor has given the go-ahead, it’s time to put an end to your weaker self and get into your sports shoes! Anyone already active in sports knows from experience how beneficial regular training can have on the mind and body.


More Exercise Improves Health 

Exercise healthily: It is scientifically proven that exercise has many positive effects on health. Sports medicine specialist and internist Dr. Karlheinz Zeilberger from Munich swears by the healing power of sport: “Every step more is good for us,” he emphasizes. Exercise has particularly positive effects on the immune system and the cardiovascular system, for example. But of course, you shouldn’t just exercise more for reasons of reason: Sport is fun. Try it.

Lose Weight Healthily Through Exercise 

Another great benefit of exercise is that physical activity burns extra calories. More movement helps you lose weight or maintain your weight. Depending on the type and intensity of exercise, you can consume up to 800 additional kilocalories in an hour of exercise. Your body’s energy consumption increases even when at rest because even inactive muscles burn more energy than fat tissue.

Fountain Of Youth Sport: Active Into Old Age 

It is easier to stay fit if you exercise regularly. “Sport works like a fountain of youth,” says sports medicine specialist Zeilberger. By exercising regularly, seniors can increase their chances of leading an independent life for as long as possible. For example, physically active seniors have a lower risk of falling.

Tips For Your Fitness 

Exercise every day – or is once a week enough? The truth lies in between. It is ideal if you do sport three to four times a week, if possible, with a day’s break between training units so that your body can recover. It is essential for beginners that they increase their training slowly and not overwhelm themselves. Give your body time to get used to the new demands.

Find The Right Sport 

This is where the chronically ill should consult their doctor. In general, a mixture of endurance training and strengthening exercises has proven to be particularly good. Forget the common misconception that strength training burns fewer calories than endurance sports. Dr. Helge Knigge from the German Sport University Cologne confirms: The energy balance is also considerable with strength training – and especially beginners, seniors, or people who are more overweight, strength exercises are often more accessible at first than endurance sports.

Conclusion: The possibilities for physical activity are diverse. The right sport can be found for every type. It doesn’t always have to be jogging or soccer.


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