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Stress Relief: The 10 Best Tips Against Stress

Multitasking is stressful, and no sex either. With these best anti-stress tips, you can get through life more relaxed. If anyone really rules the country, it’s him: the stress. Everyone knows him, everyone has him, and he has a firm grip on many. There are many causes of stress: There are, for example, overwork at work, problems in partnerships or friendships, or far too high demands on yourself.

But try to be optimistic and see the glass half full: There are at least as many ways to reduce your stress level significantly. Here are ten efficient anti-stress tips:

Use every opportunity to move. You should not only prefer stairs to elevators from a sporting point of view. Movement stimulates the blood circulation in the brain so that more synapses are formed, as a study by the Sport University Cologne shows.

A good trick for everyday life: Because every movement, no matter how small, relieves stress, you should design your workplace in such a way that you cannot make every move from your desk chair.

Take The Initiative

Postponing unpleasant tasks or conversations all the Time is highly annoying. Get it over with quickly. Otherwise, the displeasure grows with every hour. According to the motto, solve the most unpleasant tasks immediately: It has to be done at some point anyway.

Give Up Work From Time To Time

Don’t think that you have to do everything yourself. Give one or the other task to employees, even if you think you can do everything better yourself. You may have to explain and improve a lot in the beginning, but in the end, the strategy pays off

Laugh, Laugh, Laugh!

Stress slows down blood flow, while intense laughter improves blood circulation – and of course, your mood. This is the result of a US experiment at the University of Maryland in which the test subjects watched a comedy. The positive effect lasted up to 45 minutes.

Take Breaks

The 17-second stress-away trick: Open your office window and take three deep breaths. This breaks the stress spiral. Professor Thomas Elbert, a psychologist at the University of Konstanz: “Time that is occasionally spent on apparently unimportant activities such as conversation is not wasted, but is often important for regeneration. This can increase the efficiency of the work.” 

Monotasking Instead Of Multitasking

You feel stressed when your thoughts are always about what still needs to be done. And that makes the task you are currently working on more difficult. Therefore: Work through all functions as if they were pearls on a chain and focus your concentration exclusively on this one problem. The advantages: you get ahead with your work faster, the stress decreases.

Clean Up Your Life

And set priorities. “Divide your tasks into essential, important and trivial – and then ignore the third category,” recommends the Konstanz psychologist. Learn to say no to others as well as to yourself. Otherwise, you will continue to be overwhelmed with work – and your problems will not get rid of.

Please Switch!

“When you switch from one environment to the other, you have to leave the old field behind. Otherwise too many requirements will accumulate,” explains Elbert. Practice switching.

For example, you can cross a virtual line when you leave the workplace. Once you’ve passed that, the work (and the thought of it) is ticked off – until the next Time you give the line. 

Talk About Your Worries

“A lot loses its horror when it is spoken out loud, and some things will even appear ridiculous to you in retrospect,” says Professor Elbert. You don’t even need an intelligent advisor – a good listener is always sufficient

Work Less, Have More Sex

The University of G√∂ttingen has shown that around every third man with an unsatisfactory love life throws himself into work. Although this lets you forget the sex frustration, it takes a lot of Time and creates a lot of stress, hurting the partnership. Break this vicious circle, dedicate yourself to your relationship! 

Getting rid of stress sounds, well, stressful at first. There are ways to reduce stress that are fun and not strenuous at all. Take breaks or have sex, for example. If you try our ten easy anti-stress tricks, you will feel better quickly, we promise!


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