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The Five Best Baby Powder Hacks For Pimples

Have you been fighting against pimples, blackheads, and blemishes for a long time? Then the baby powder is just the thing because these tricks are guaranteed to fight pimples.

Anyone who has pimples knows how much one can despair of them. Every look in the mirror becomes torture, and you often think that everyone can look at your spots for miles. The consequence? Take countermeasures, of course, with lots of unique pimple products that promise clearer skin in just three days. You test yourself through all sorts of gels, lotions & Co. – and only make the pimples worse. Please note: One important rule applies to everyone who has spots – less is more! Especially in the acute stage. It is best to leave the skin alone for now and use as few active ingredients as possible. And this is precisely where baby powder, the all-purpose home remedy for pimples, helps.

Anti-Pimple Ingredients: That’s In Baby Powder

Since the skin of babies and young children is still susceptible, it must not be exposed to irritation. Cosmetic products for children, therefore, contain as few irritating ingredients as possible. This also applies to baby powder. This usually contains talc, magnesium carbonate, magnesium stearate, and zinc oxide. Sometimes a little non-irritating perfume too. The advantage of the mild ingredients: They are gentle on the skin, and that’s precisely what we need for pimples.

Effect Of Baby Powder Against Pimples

The few ingredients found in baby powder can all help against pimples and blackheads. When talc is present, it is said to help contract the pores and reduce sebum production. The spot no longer has any breeding ground. The magnesium stearate it contains helps prevent the powder from falling off the skin immediately. Magnesium carbonate soaks up moisture and excess oil from the skin and dries out pimples. Zinc oxide has an antiseptic and wound-healing effect and ensures that pimples heal faster and no new inflammation occurs. By the way: There are now many products without talc, which as finely ground dust – similar to asbestos – is suspected of causing cancer. In principle, magnesium carbonate and talc have the same absorbent effect anyway, and both help against pimples and inflammation.

Acne And Baby Powder

If you have severe acne, you should always see a dermatologist immediately. Only he can clarify the cause and help out with the proper means or even medication. Healing acne yourself with some home remedy miracles usually backfires and only makes the pimples and blemishes worse!

The Best Baby Powder Tips For Pimples

Trick 1: Baby Powder As An SOS Pimple Stop

A vital appointment is coming, and with it, a big, red pimple on your face? Then you shouldn’t waste any time and use baby powder immediately. With the zinc it contains, this can curb the inflammation in an instant and stop the pimple. Put some powder in your hand, mix it with a few drops of water and dab it on the spot. Let it work for about 15 minutes, then rinse off thoroughly! Or, if several pimples appear simultaneously, take a cotton pad, dust some baby powder on the place, and distribute it evenly on the face. A little tip: This home remedy trick for pimples also works excellent overnight!

Trick 2: Baby Powder As An Anti-Pimple Mask

You can easily and quickly make a face mask with baby powder against pimples yourself. To do this, mix two tablespoons of baby powder with five tablespoons of water and apply them to the skin. Let it sit, and then wash off. The baby powder absorbs excess sebum from the skin and counteracts inflammation and pimples.

Trick 3: Baby Powder As A Daycare Against Pimples

Baby powder can also be used during the day to fight pimples. Yes, even if it is white and visible! This is how it works: Mix the baby powder in a ratio of 1: 1 with make-up powder with color pigments and apply to the skin with a tassel. It can unfold its beneficial effects with zinc throughout the day and put an end to pimples. Tip: Make sure to clean well in the evening so that make-up and sebum are removed from the pores, and no new pimples develop.

Trick 4: Baby Powder As A Remedy For Back Pimples

If you have many pimples on your face, you often have some red dots on your back due to hormones because there are many sebum glands here, just like in the T-zone. As in the face, the baby powder also helps on the back (this also applies to other parts of the body). Either get help or use a back brush to apply it. After the sebum has been absorbed, the baby powder should be thoroughly scrubbed off with the back brush so that the pores do not clog and pimples are no longer an issue.

Trick 5: Baby Powder For Pimples After Shaving

Anyone who shaves in the genital area knows that small pimples often develop there. There, too, you can use baby powder as a remedy and spread it directly onto the small spots with a cotton pad. You can also put some baby powder in the panties, which also helps against odors at the same time.


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