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These 10 Home Remedies Help Fight Colds

These ten home remedies help quickly and effectively against coughs, runny nose and body aches – without any medication or side effects. Has it got you again? Heating air inside, wet cold outside, plus sneezing roommates with a cold – sometimes you don’t stand a chance against cold viruses. Allow your body to rest now and support it in its fight against the annoying side effects such as cough, hoarseness, congested sinuses and fever. With these side-effect-free home remedies, then you will be fit again quickly.

What Helps Quickly With A Cold?

Inhalation Helps With Colds And Coughs

If the nose is runny, itchy or stinging, these are symptoms of a runny nose. Sneezing and “runny nose” are defence reactions of the body, which are supposed to banish the pathogens from the body. The mucous membranes swell up as the infection increases, making it harder and harder to breathe through your nose. This is how you prevent a cold.

Salt or chamomile are best used to combat nasal congestion. Bring 2 litres of water to the boil and add three tablespoons of salt or a handful of chamomile flowers (also from the pharmacy or health food store). Put the whole thing together in a bowl, hold your head over it and cover it with a large towel. Then breathe in deeply for 10 minutes and then exhale again. Herbal supplements such as thyme, eucalyptus, peppermint, on the other hand, help well with a cough that produces a lot of sputum, as they liquefy the mucus well.

With Onions And Herbal Tea Against Coughs And Hoarseness

Coughing is a body reflex that catapults foreign objects or mucus out of the airways. Herbal teas, in particular, are helpful against dry coughs and can loosen deep-seated phlegm.

For dry coughs: tea mixture (from 19.90 €) made from 25 grams of marshmallow root, with 20 grams of Icelandic moss, 20 grams each of anise and fennel fruits, 15 grams of linden blossom. Pour three cups of boiling water over six teaspoons of the herbal mixture and let it steep for 10 minutes. Drink three cups a day with a bit of honey.

Deep-seated mucus: Mix coltsfoot, woolly flower and liquorice, pour boiling water and let it steep for 10 minutes. Drink three cups a day.

Onion tea: Onions also have an expectorant effect because they contain sulphurous mustard oils that have a disinfectant effect. To do this:

  1. Cut an onion into slices and let it boil for 5 minutes with half a litre of water.
  2. Pour off the brew with a sieve.
  3. Drink hot!

Potato And Quark Compress Relieve Coughs And Hoarseness

When the throat becomes inflamed, the lining of the throat is dry, red, irritated and swollen, and hoarseness occurs. Warm wraps are the best solution now.

 Potato wraps: Potatoes store heat and release them very slowly. For the wraps, boil jacket potatoes, mash them and place them in a gauze bandage (from € 8.59) (also available in drugstores). Then wrap with a towel, place on your chest and leave for an hour.

Quark wrap: Quark has a decongestant effect and relieves pain. For the wrap, spread quark about one centimetre thick on a gauze bandage, wrap around the chest and back if you are coughing, around your neck if you are hoarse. Then wrap a scarf around it and leave it on all night.

Cold And Foot Baths Help Relieve Pain In The Limbs

Baths are not only good for the soul. With the proper addition, they also support you in the fight against the common cold.

Cold bath : bathing with the addition of menthol, eucalyptus, thyme or spruce needle oil promotes blood circulation and relieves pain in the limbs. In addition, the essential oils dissolve secretions from the nose and bronchi. The bathing temperature should be 38 ° C.

For a foot bath: fill the bowl with warm water and add five drops of spruce needle oil. Put your feet in and add enough hot water to reach a temperature of around 41 ° C. Then put on warm socks and go to bed.

Gargling For A Sore Throat

A sore throat is caused by bacteria that attack the larynx and windpipe. This causes the throat to burn and makes it difficult to swallow. Essential oils in sage and chamomile tea help against inflammation of the throat and tonsils.

It is best to bring sage leaves or chamomile flowers to a boil with half a litre of water and then let it steep for a quarter of an hour. Then gargle intensely for five to ten minutes. The tea should always be spat out afterwards. Gargling with salt water also has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Hot Chicken Soup Inhibits Respiratory Infections

Sinuses are cavities behind, next to, and above the nose. These often become inflamed by or during a cold. The result: a feeling of pressure in the cheekbones and over the eyes or even a slight headache.

The contents of a chicken soup have an antibacterial effect and thus inhibit upper respiratory tract infections. It is best to cook it yourself, but you can also get it freshly cooked in good butchers. These tips will also help with sinus problems.

Vinegar And Calf Compress To Lower The Fever

Due to the evaporation cold of the calf compress, the heat is dissipated from the body, and a temperature equalization is created.

Vinegar wrap: Coldwater and fruit vinegar should be mixed in equal parts. Then dip a tea towel in it, wring it out and wrap it around your calves. Then wrap the whole thing up again with a towel. When the compresses are cold, change them until the fever subsides.

Important: In an infection, the immune system drives the metabolism, which triggers the temperature rise. Not every fever needs to be lowered immediately; on the contrary, and it helps fight the cold viruses. You should only do something about it if it lasts longer and rises above 39 degrees.

Homemade Onion Syrup Soothes The Cough

The following homemade cough syrups should be consumed three tablespoons a day. The finished syrups must all be kept in the refrigerator. Please select only one variant!

With lemon: peel several lemons, cut into slices, sprinkle thickly with sugar and let stand for twelve hours.

With onions: Boil 100 grams each of chopped onion and rock sugar until the sugar has dissolved. Then strain the juice, and the cough syrup is ready.

Black radish: cut the radish in half and hollow it out. Fill both halves with honey and let steep for twelve hours.

Sweating Cure With Linden Blossom And Elderflower Tea Combats The Common Cold

Fever is a defence reaction of the body. Many pathogens cannot survive at temperatures above 38.5 degrees. Hot tea will help the body sweat out the infection overnight.

Linden blossom and elderflower tea are best for this. Pour boiling water over two teaspoons of each flower and let it steep for 10 minutes. Best to drink before going to sleep.

Nasal Rinsing With A Saline Solution Against Congested Sinuses

Saltwater serves the same purpose as a nasal spray, but it warns against addiction: it disinfects and loosens the mucus.

Better: a saline solution from a knife point of salt mixed in 0.2 litres of warm water. Pour the finished saltwater into the cupped hand and alternately pull it in through one nostril and let it flow out through the other. It is easier with a nasal douche or a nasal rinsing jug . It’s worth buying because, if used regularly, it can even ward off a cold before it breaks out.

Please remember which of our tips helped you, mainly if you had a cold. Because statistically, every person goes through around 200 colds in their life. But thanks to these home remedies, you will get rid of them quickly in the future.


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