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These Ten Foods Protect Your Heart

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death. These ten foods are considered natural cholesterol, and blood pressure lowers and can protect your heart.

Every fourth to the fifth person in their thirties already suffers from high blood pressure, a leading cause of vascular calcification and thus also of a heart attack and stroke. In vascular calcification, also known as arteriosclerosis, the vascular walls harden due to deposits of fat and calcium, the so-called plaques. The result: the blood can no longer flow optimally, and the blood flow to the heart and the brain is impaired.

Which Foods Strengthen The Heart? 

The good news is that you can protect your heart by eating right. The less the “bad” LDL cholesterol flows through the blood vessels, the lower the risk that the so-called plaques will form, harden, and clog the vessels.

Some foods positively affect blood pressure and blood lipids and are therefore part of a heart-healthy diet. At the same time, you provide them with many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that positively affect the “bad” LDL cholesterol. Thus, these ten foods, in addition to a healthy diet low in saturated fatty acids and trans fats, are crucial for a healthy and robust heart.

Nuts As A Cholesterol-Lowering Agent

The delicious and healthy snacks have a positive effect on the cholesterol level in the blood due to their high content of unsaturated fatty acids. High cholesterol is a significant contributor to cardiovascular disease. The fiber and vitamin E are also healthy. Make a habit of eating a handful of nuts a day.

Cocoa Improves Blood Circulation

The guilty conscience when consuming chocolate is over because the sweet “sin” can work wonders. The flavonoid epicatechin in cocoa has a positive effect on our cardiovascular system, as it improves the nitric oxide in the blood and thus the blood circulation. In addition, cocoa has a slight antihypertensive effect.

Tip:  choose dark chocolate. It contains far more flavonoids than the whole milk variant.

Fish Prevents Cardiac Arrhythmias

The omega-3 fatty acids in the fish act as a protective shield for your heart. They not only lower the cholesterol level but can also prevent cardiac arrhythmias. Sea fish such as mackerel and tuna have the highest concentration of unsaturated fatty acids. The daily requirement recommended by experts is around 0.5 g and corresponds to a weekly ration of 1 to 2 fish meals. This dose reduces the risk of sudden cardiac death.

Apples Prevent Deposits On Blood Vessels

An English proverb reads: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” In fact, according to a US study, two apples a day can reduce the risk of heart attack by up to 30 percent. The reason for this is, among other things, the flavonoids contained in apples. These are antioxidants that protect your heart from bad LDL cholesterol. The valuable fiber pectin also inhibits the growth of bacteria, which can lead to deposits on blood vessels.

Tip: Always eat the apple unpeeled because most of the flavonoids are contained in the peel.

Tomatoes Protect The Heart With Phytochemicals

Tomatoes look like vegetables, but they are fruit. The substance lycopene gives tomatoes their characteristic red color. But lycopene can do a lot more than providing food a red color. The secondary plant substance belonging to the carotenoids has a positive effect on the cholesterol levels in the blood and prevents calcification of the blood vessels.

Tip:  Heat and chop tomatoes: The lycopene sits deep in the fiber cells of the tomatoes, which means that digestion cannot remove it. The lycopene is only released when the tomato is processed. A ripe tomato contains 2.6 milligrams of lycopene per 100 grams, while canned tomatoes contain an impressive 21.5 milligrams.  

Bananas Are Natural Antihypertensive Agents

The yellow power fruit is a miracle cure in many ways, including for the heart. One banana (110 grams) contains 432 milligrams of potassium. Potassium has a blood pressure-lowering effect, stabilizes blood circulation, and can thus reduce cardiovascular diseases.

Garlic Ensures A Healthy Cardiovascular System

Even if you are not necessarily socially acceptable after consuming garlic, the tuber protects your heart. The allicin found in garlic lowers blood pressure and reduces cholesterol levels. It also has a vasodilating effect, which improves blood circulation. In this way, garlic has a beneficial impact on the cardiovascular system and lowers the risk of a heart attack.

Flaxseed To Lower Cholesterol

With their high omega-3 value, flax seeds are an excellent vegetarian alternative to fish. These essential fatty acids counteract heart disease. They make the blood flow better and lower the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Tip: Flax names go well with mueslis and shakes. Or you can use linseed oil for cold dishes such as salads or dips.

Turmeric, A Natural Antihypertensive Agent

Turmeric contains one thing in particular: curcumin. This is not only responsible for the yellow color. It is also a real treat for your body. It has a cholesterol-lowering effect and has a positive impact on heart function. Turmeric is also a natural blood pressure reducer. In India and China, spice has been used as a natural remedy for a long time.

Tip: Always combine turmeric with black pepper and a little oil. The piperine in pepper improves the bioavailability of turmeric by a factor of twenty, and the oil allows the active ingredient to be better absorbed by the body. 

Currants Protect Against Free Radicals

The blackberries, in particular, contain anthocyanins, which are part of the flavonoids. These not only strengthen the immune system but also fight free radicals. The delicious berries can also be enjoyed as juice and are a miracle cure for the heart and circulation.

In addition to a healthy and balanced diet, make sure that these ten foods end up on your daily nutrition plan as often as possible. The antioxidants and nutrients it contains positively affect your blood pressure and blood lipids and thus protects your heart.


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