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Motivation To Lose Weight: This Is How You Find The Incentive To Lose Weight

Do you lack the drive to lose weight“There is no drive – just not in the mood,”. In the interview, the coach reveals his best tips. He explains why all beginnings (not at all) are difficult and how to put your weaker self in its place.

Motivation For Losing Weight: This Is How You Start Your Weight Loss Project

Because implementing a good resolution tears us out of our comfort zone, this arises from routines and preferences that we have developed in the course of our lives. Anyone who hasn’t moved a lot for a long time and is poorly nourished will get motivation problems if they have to change both over from one day to the next. 

There is no weakness in drive; there is just no buck. If I can’t do something, then it just wasn’t significant enough to me. Sure, I can’t know everything right away. But that is precisely the secret of success: you learn little by little to reach the next level, an integral part of personal development. Failure is part of it, but that doesn’t mean I have to give up right away. Small children keep falling on their faces before they can walk properly.

There are two ways to motivate yourself: through pressure from outside or through pleasure from within. Some people have to get seriously ill before they start losing weight. Others associate something positive with the minus kilos, for example, feeling fit and attractive. And if these goals are important enough to you, something doesn’t have to go wrong before changing your routines. Then it is enough to reflect on yourself.

Many people know what to do but don’t do what they know. An actual decision is part of a fundamental change – there is no such thing as washing without getting wet.

So Overweight Isn’t Due To Insufficient Knowledge?

Not only. If I want to break out of old habits, I need to find out which new routines are good for me. It is helpful to develop action plans in such a context and not just constantly look at the result.

How Do I Formulate Objectives For Action?

Not: to stand on the scales every day and critically assess every gram! Instead, I should aim for simple things, such as skipping the 2 bottles of beer after work or meeting my buddies for football instead of watching TV.

How Quickly Do New Routines Emerge?

It doesn’t take that long. Once you’ve done something a few times, you want to do it again, and it’s normal. Of course, this is easier with familiar things than when you start from scratch. But some types shoot before they aim. They then have to spend more energy to be clear about their preferences.

What Does This Higher Effort Mean In Concrete Terms For The Weight Loss Project?

You have to do something different than before, and that is exhausting at first. However, the current condition is not good either: the rind swells over the waistband, you look slimmer in old photos. It is essential to watch, not to suppress anything. If you are honest with yourself, the initial effort is not so difficult with anything new.

Why Is It More Accessible For Many To Look Away?

Of course, some don’t care. Then there are the others who see food as a reward. And then we have landed in a complex psychological system: Anyone who finds that they numb their frustration with fast food shouldn’t worry about burgers but about a new boss.

Motivational Tricks: This Is How You Overcome Your Weaker Self

What should a man do when the initial euphoria is gone after weeks of hard training, and he needs new motivation?

If you feel like it, sit on the couch and pick up the bag of chips. It is also your right to pinch at the slightest difficulty. And at some point, everything will fall into your lap anyway – so, seriously, do you want to end up like this?

But how do you stay on the ball?

A common mistake is not to believe in yourself. We would never say to a friend that they will not get through their planned project, but we say that to ourselves all the time. My tip: talk to yourself like you would your best buddy. As an exercise, write down destructive attitudes and consider how they can be transformed into constructive thoughts. An example: The sentence ‘This is too difficult for me!’ becomes, ‘I am happy to accept this challenge!’

Usually, people like you advise putting up notes with messages on them.

You are welcome to handle it that way. Or you can stand naked in front of the mirror and hop up and down as a deterrent. But these are mini tips that some people need – others don’t. It is much more important to understand what it is really about. For example, if I’m supposed to eat less sugar for health reasons, I don’t need an app to monitor me. There doesn’t have to be a speed camera to speed through the city center at 100 km / h. If you do it, hops and malt are lost to you.

And what can you do when the environment makes it difficult for you?

Some people need support, yes. Others, on the other hand, say out of themselves: now all the more! To be honest: As an adult, I can’t always rely on what my surroundings say or do.

Motivation For The Decrease: This Is How It Goes For You Slim

Dr. Frädrich, do you recommend clients to throw in the towel?

No. But losing weight is never just about perseverance. That would mean that everything is just a temporary phase, as the 4 months in this series. If I constantly have the feeling that I am missing something, I return to the old behavior afterward.

What saves a man who wants to lose weight now from failure?

Understanding that it’s about an attitude towards life – and about changing it. Another example: If I want to end a relationship, I shouldn’t keep a grace period or wait to see whether something else will change after all. I have long since decided whether I want to live in the past or the present and future. So what should I wait for then?

What to do if I don’t feel like exercising and everything hurts?

Then do something different! But remember: you want to change your life. And what you don’t do now, you have to do later. And besides: In retrospect, doing nothing usually feels much worse than training. So my tip: Enjoy the process instead of being crushed by it. Those who can mentally transform the must into a may also get what they want.

So losing weight is purely a matter of opinion?

Attitude plays a significant role. And that can be changed with small rewards. Often it is enough to imagine what the destination will look like, for example, the first beach holiday without an XL shirt – and without an XXL feeling of shame. Then the constant moaning stops, and the inner focus goes in the right direction.

Even if the fight with your inner weaker self will undoubtedly be tough, you should always stay focused on your goals and not give up. It will be worth it!


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