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Three Recipes With Vanilla Persimmon

November is the month of persimmons. The vanilla persimmon, rich in sugar, is suitable for easy and pleasant autumn recipes.

Persimmon Vanilla: Nutritional Properties

Persimmon vanilla is one of the wide varieties of persimmon. Together with the apple, khajiit has become, in recent years, the most widespread and is cultivated in many regions of Italy, especially in the south. The vanilla persimmon is very similar to the apple persimmon. However, the skin is darker and thinner, while the shape is more flattened. The pulp, like apple persimmons, when the fruit is still unripe, tends to give the sensation of binding the tongue: for this reason, it is better to choose them ripe, when the peel is thinner and darker and the pulp more yielding, without however presenting bruises. 

In this case, the pulp is dark red, turning to bronze, and the taste is delightful. The properties of vanilla persimmon are similar to that of all autumn fruits rich in water:

  1. contains a lot of vitamin C;
  2. contains mineral salts, in particular potassium;
  3. the fibers are in good quantity: vanilla persimmon also has laxative effects ;
  4. Like all orange and red fruits, it contains a lot of beta carotene, beneficial for the production of vitamins and, therefore, for the health of skin, eyes and bones;
  5.  has a high percentage of water ;
  6.  it is a very sugary fruit;
  7.  Among all fruits, it has a high quantity of calories: for this reason, and in addition to the fact that it is lovely, it is not recommended for those with blood sugar problems, or diabetes, if taken in large quantities, for those who are overweight.

Vanilla persimmons ripen fully in November. Their soft and creamy texture, as well as their flavor, make them suitable for sweet recipes.

Here Are Three Recipes With Vanilla Persimmons.

Vegan Panna Cotta With Vanilla Persimmon

  1. 200 ml of oat milk(or other vegetable, depending on taste preferences);
  2. one and a half tablespoons of cane sugar or agave juice;
  3. half a teaspoon of powdered agar;
  4.  2 ripe vanilla persimmons;
  5.  juice of half a lemon.


This panna cotta is very simple. Mix all the dry ingredients, leaving half a tablespoon of the chosen sweetener aside. They are cooked with vegetable milk in a saucepan for 15 minutes. Then it is poured into the baking cups. While these are cooling in the fridge, we prepare the sweet persimmon sauce for at least two hours: peel the fruits and blend them with half a tablespoon of sweetener and lemon. The sauce must be liquid and homogeneous. Before serving, pour the sauce over the panna cotta. To further protect it, we can cut a slice of vanilla persimmon into cubes and place it on the panna cotta

Dried Vanilla Persimmons

Dried vanilla persimmons can be used to garnish desserts, in breakfast yogurt, crumble, or as a hunger-break snack. Preparing them is very easy. Unlike other recipes, in this case, it is better to choose not-too-ripe persimmons. They are cut into thin slices or half-moons, peeled or not (you can keep the peel and eat it if you are sure that the persimmons are not too ripe from the origin of the persimmons), and lay on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. They bake for about 8 hours at 60 degrees: take care to turn them from time to time and check that they do not burn.

Plum Cake Chocolate And Persimmon Vanilla

  1. 250 g of whole meal flour;
  2. 150 ml of vegetable milk of your choice;
  3. 80 g of whole sugar or another natural sweetener;
  4. a stick of 100 g of dark chocolate 70%cocoa;
  5. 2 tablespoons of seed oil;
  6. 1 sachet of yeast;
  7. 2 medium-ripe vanilla persimmons.

All dry ingredients are mixed. The milk is then added. The chocolate stick is cut into irregular flakes with a knife and mixed with the dough and the oil. Peel the vanilla persimmons, cut them into cubes or coarsely reduce them to a pulp with a knife, and mix everything, leaving aside some slices to use as a top garnish for the plum cake. Pour into the mold, arrange the pieces on the surface and bake at 180 degrees for 35 minutes. Enjoy your meal!


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