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Water Retention: Rebalance Your Diet With Micronutrition

You eat too many ready-made meals, you drink too many sodas, or you have abused high-protein diets . By breaking the acid-base balance, you predispose your body to water retention. Adopt good habits and rebalance your body.

Are you not eating a balanced diet? If you experience these symptoms, you probably have fluid retention :

  • recurrent fatigue
  • in the morning, my fingers are swollen, and I have difficulty removing my rings
  • cramps, or musculotendinous pain
  • injuries (strain, tendonitis) when I play sports

Do you recognize yourself in any of these symptoms? The following tips are for you. They will allow you to lose up to 3 kg in a month, provided you do not make any dietary differences on weekends!

What Foods For A Balanced Plate?

Acidifying foods (proteins, refined grains, sugars, etc.) generate toxins that the body must get rid of with the help of minerals. When these are overused, your body stores waste from acidifying foods, which makes it tired.

Choose Alkaline Fruits And Vegetables

Therefore, you must prioritize alkaline foods (fruits, vegetables, egg yolks, first cold-pressed oils, aromatic herbs, etc.). They are rich in minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium.), and they rebalance your body and make you lose weight.

“Eat dried fruits, fresh fruits, vegetables, tofu which is the only alkalizing protein, potatoes, and dried beans,” recommends Dr. Benedetti.

The most alkalizing vegetables are spinach and chard but do not deprive yourself of eggplant, cucumber, bell pepper, radish, avocado, lettuce. On the fruit side, think of currants, peaches, figs and apples and pears.

Prefer Waters Rich In Bicarbonates

“Drink waters like Salvetat, Quézac or Badoit, rich in bicarbonates compensating for the acid-sodium imbalance”, advises Dr. Benedetti.

Respect The Acid-Base Balance

“Cereals (rice, pasta, bread, corn, etc.) are rather acidifying,” says Dr. Benedetti. Just like cheese, meat and fish, which should therefore be eaten without excess. There is, of course, no question of eating only alkaline foods. But you have to balance.

“Avoid consuming acidifying food alone. Always accompany it with a basifying food”, recommends Dr. Benedetti. For example, accompany your cheese with salad or dried fruits which will have a buffering effect, your meat or your fish with green vegetables.

Micronutrition: Your Typical Balanced Meals


  • 1 coffee or 1 unsweetened tea
  • + 1 egg or 30 g of peeled white ham
  • + 40 g of wholemeal or cereal bread or 4 tbsp. to s. from All-Bran
  • + 5 g unsalted butter

To Eat Lunch

  • Every other day: 50 g of wholemeal bread or 3 tbsp. To s. rice, pasta, quinoa, lentils or 2 potatoes
  • + 300 g of raw or cooked green vegetables
  • + 120 g of white meat or 150 g of fish
  • + 1 fruit

To Taste

  • 1 fresh fruit or 2 Agen prunes

Having Dinner

  • 300 g green vegetables
  • + 1 tsp. To s. rapeseed-olive oil
  • + 80 g of white meat or fish
  • + 1 soy yogurt or 1 fruit

Our Tips For Rebalancing The Body

  • You cannot do without salt: use potassium salt (K salt).
  • Replace the salt with spices, aromatics that enhance the flavor of the dishes.
  • Also, avoid diet sodas that contain phosphates.

Refine Your Size

Standing with straight legs, space your feet a little more than the width of your pelvis. Place your hands alongside the body. Take a full water bottle in your left hand and lean to the side of the bottle as low as possible.

Your right arm goes up flexed to the armpit, following the bust. Inhale as you descend to the side. Return to the initial position while exhaling. Start over. Then change the hand bottle.

Do Sit-Ups For A Flat Stomach

Lie on your back with your legs straight. Bend your right leg 90 °, and bring your knee to your chest, tiptoe outstretched. Your left leg remains straight on the floor.

Put your hands behind your right knee, and leverage up to sit up. You are in a seated position with both legs touching the floor. Roll your lower back vertebrae by vertebrae so that it is as close to the ground as possible, with your head slightly tucked in.


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