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What Habits Prevent Healthy Weight Loss?

“I can’t lose weight”, “I eat little, and I don’t lose weight“, and “I don’t know why I don’t lose weight” — are some of the complaints of those who try to lose weight and can’t. Do you identify with any of them? Know that there are habits that harm healthy weight loss and are sabotaging it. Just look!

Restrictive Diet

Restrictive diets radically cut out one or more food groups, depriving the body of some nutrients. Some are even used in treatments and have specific indications, but they must have a professional follow-up.

Already the moon, pineapple, soup and others without any scientific basis only weaken the body and cause binge eating — a condition in which the person consumes a large amount of food quickly.

In addition, depriving yourself of nutrients and food without nutritional guidance is one of the major causes of the accordion effect. At first, the person on a restrictive diet even loses a lot. However, he cannot maintain this restriction for a long time, returning to eating more caloric foods.

In this way, the body starts to turn all this excess into fat again very quickly. That is why, many times, the person regains weight within a few months after abandoning the diet and finds it challenging to resume the regimen.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Reducing calories ingested to a lower number than what is spent is the formula for weight loss. But is that just enough to be healthy? The answer is no. Lowering the consumption of calories in the diet and maintaining a sedentary lifestyle is not the best way to lose weight.

In addition to taking longer to burn fat, not practicing physical activities generates sagging and loss of lean mass, which is very important for the body.


Stress is one of the reasons why people fail to lose weight or even gain weight. It releases a hormone called cortisol, which, in large amounts, increases blood glucose and favors the accumulation of abdominal fat.

That’s why many people take it out on food when they’re stressed. Carbohydrates, that is, pasta, bread and sweets, are the first on the wish list in this situation, and as we know, the exaggeration in the consumption of these foods causes weight gain.

Cigarette And Alcohol

Bad habits, such as smoking and drinking in excess, directly harm health, bring various diseases, and inflame the body, affecting healthy weight loss. Alcohol also reduces the absorption of nutrients and is very caloric.

Lack Of Meal Planning

How often have you had to resort to fast foods because you didn’t have a healthy option to eat? This is very common for those who forget to plan their meals. The balance is negative in healthy foods, resulting in stagnation in weight loss or even more pounds.

Bet On Massages

Massages are very effective in the healthy weight loss process. That’s because they help the body eliminate toxins and fluid retention. No wonder we feel lighter after good lymphatic drainage.

Nowadays, you can count on different types of massages, such as reducing and shaping, which, together with a  balanced diet and the practice of physical activities, give incredible results! They reduce measurements, help to minimize tissue inflammation and soften cellulite.

Count On Professional Help

Have you ever stopped to think that the success of healthy weight loss can be in professional monitoring? Often, we believe that we can do the job independently and that we don’t need professional help, but that’s not quite the case.

The nutritionist, for example, prepares a  complete menu with the correct and personalized meals and times according to the individual’s nutritional needs, personal tastes and routine. Does a magazine diet do that?

The same happens with the physical educator, who sets up training according to the objectives; the doctor, who accompanies the process to ensure health; and the psychologist, who works with the emotional. Therefore, do not hesitate to seek the help of these professionals to have a healthy weight loss.




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