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Beware Of Alcohol: All The Health Risks Of Empty Calories

Simple sugars, of which alcohol is composed, are the number one enemies of weight loss. Many people have a habit of starting diets to get in shape in the months leading up to the summer season. Most of us tend to pay less attention to the balance at this time of year. But if the swimsuit rehearsal is certainly important, so is the ritual and the good habit of always following a healthy and balanced diet: this benefits our physical shape – which with constant work will certainly tend to improve – and health.

Christmas is now near, and even if we spend it differently this year than usual, we will not give up traditional binges and good food even among intimate friends. But waiting for the end of the Christmas holidays to desperately search for a miracle diet could prove to be an ineffective plan. A few small precautions on what we eat and drink are enough to maintain a healthy weight throughout the year, without particular efforts or drastic diets.

Alcohol: What Is It?

Alcohol is the popular name for the active psychotropic ingredient in alcoholic beverages, ethanol. The word alcohol comes from the Arabic word “al-Kuhl,” which means “pulverized antimony” then, by extension, the term is spread to any distilled or refined substance.

Alcohol is a universal psychotropic substance and has been used for centuries by humans.

This substance is obtained by fermentation of plants (fruits, cereals, grains, or roots) rich in sugars such as:

  1. Grapes for wine or cognac
  2. Apple (cider)
  3. Pear (calvados)
  4. Beets (pastis)
  5. Sugar cane (rum)
  6. Barley (beer, whiskey)
  7. Rice (sake)
  8. Potato (vodka)

The drink thus obtained can be distilled to give a brandy or other spirit. Its consumption is universal and very old. Alcohol is considered by the WHO as a product with significant addictive potential, just like illicit drugs. It causes psychological and physical dependence in the event of prolonged consumption. However, moderate and controlled use has few consequences and can be a cultural tool for socialization.

What To Pay Attention To

cuisine is the perfect example of a Mediterranean diet. The foods we eat every day, in fact, already facilitate us, compared to other cuisines, to eat healthier. But what’s important, besides moderation in the food you eat, is to understand what to watch out for. The problem can arise when we consume in large quantities what are called ” empty calories. ” In order not to gain weight, we should mainly pay attention to the latter. 

What exactly are they? Empty calories are defined as the source of energy present in foods and drinks that provide only power and very little or no nutritional value, i.e., foods without proteins, fats, complex carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. L ‘ alcohol and sugars are the perfect examples. In fact, through alcohol intake, our body ingests calories that have no nutritional contribution and therefore do not serve our body. Furthermore, we will consume significant amounts of calories without even having a sense of satiety and feeling satisfied by the so-called “cheat.”

Alcohol And Diet

The secret, as in all things, lies in quantity and regularity. Simple sugars, of which alcohol is composed, are the number one enemies of weight loss. This does not mean, however, that an exception to the rule cannot be made. The important thing is to understand how to do it. If you want to consume an alcoholic drink from time to time, it is better, for example, to opt for a glass of red wine instead of white. 

Also, it is best to avoid beer and spirits. A 33 cl beer provides an average of 125-200 calories; a glass of white wine offers an average of 100-110 calories. On the other hand, Ghosts have an ethyl alcohol content higher than 21% by volume due to the fermentation of sugars, as do carbonated drinks, generally rich in sugars. In short, consuming alcohol in large quantities is comparable to overdoing food with the aggravating circumstance of not bringing any nutritional benefit to your body.


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