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Nutritionists Warn Against These Three Diet Tips

Anyone who wants to lose weight receives tips and tricks from all sides – but these are not always effective. Nutrition expert Abby Langer clears the table and explains what advice you can safely ignore.

Anyone who has made it into their head to get rid of a few extra kilos finally wants to achieve their goal quickly and sustainably.

Getting more sleep, eating certain foods, or avoiding carbohydrates and the like – diets and advice on losing weight are a dime a dozen. 

Often these recommendations convey the wrong idea of ​​successful acceptance. This is frustrating and usually has the opposite effect.

Nutrition expert Abby Langer tells the online magazine ‘Self’ which diet tips it is better not to pay attention to in the future. 

5 Pounds In 5 Weeks

Many diets promise a substantial loss of weight at a specific time. However, these promises should be treated with caution.

Everyone is different in genetics, living conditions, activity levels, and preferences – this makes it impossible to predict how much weight you will lose due to dieting. 

Even if someone manages to lose a certain number of pounds in a certain amount of time, this standard does not apply to everyone.

It is much more important to focus on how healthy and complete a nutrition plan is – according to Abby Langer, you should make sure that you feel good and that the diet produces lasting results.

According to the expert, tips that are only intended to help you lose weight quickly should not be taken to heart, and it is better to follow a long-term nutrition plan. 

It Is Essential To Avoid Sugar, Carbohydrates, And The Like

Of course, some people cannot tolerate certain foods and therefore prefer a particular form of nutrition. 

Most people, however, have no problem with legumes, grains, or sugar in healthy foods.

It is unnecessary and, at the same time, unhappy to remove these foods from the diet if they are safe for physical health.

The more whole foods the diet contains, the healthier it is and the easier it is to follow the diet. Emotional health is also essential. The expert advises that diets that restrict life or cause fears and a guilty conscience should be avoided at all costs.

Superfoods Make Up For An Unhealthy Diet 

Superfoods like matcha, turmeric, avocado, and pomegranate are considered very healthy – and they are. So incorporating them into a healthy diet is not fundamentally wrong.

However, it is essential to ensure that you cannot reverse or even compensate for the less healthy aspects of your diet. And although they taste super delicious, they don’t make unhealthy foods healthier either – unfortunately, superfoods do not yet have magical powers. 

To develop the full power of these particular foods, Abby Langer recommends changing your diet completely to a nutrient-rich and varied one.


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