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Lose Weight With Hypnosis: Fight Against Your Weaker Self

Trick your inner weaker self with hypnosis – does it work? Some swear by the method by which lazy people became sports cannons. So can you lose weight with hypnosis? We spoke to an expert

Surrender again. You decided to hold out; until the weaker self has tied you to the couch again. There are plenty of excuses to give up the sport or eat the bag of chips after all—strategies for overcoming yourself despite all the temptations, unfortunately far too few.

If you are one of those who has been annoyed with yourself for years because the stamina and your motivation are not enough to achieve your goals in terms of fitness or nutrition – please read on urgently. Perhaps you are one of those people on whom hypnosis works.

Why Is The Weaker Self So Successful?

According to hypnosis coach Rainer Stimbert from Hanover ,we often make a severe mistake about our weaker self: We see it as an enemy without really getting to know it. We do not ask what it is actually for. That is precisely what Rainer Stimbert does with his clients during hypnosis.

He says: “The weaker self makes sure that I’m okay at this moment. He only knows the present and has no sense of the future. He doesn’t know that it is necessary to exercise regularly to have a tremendous and defined figure. Instead, he tries to suggest by all means to lie down on the couch, turn on the television and relax. “

The weaker self loves one thing above all: reward. And that works best with sugary or high-calorie food. However, what is unfavorable is that there is always a lousy conscience lurking in the background, which precisely registers that something is going wrong—the result: a vicious circle of frustration that is difficult to break.

What Forms Of Laziness Are There?

There are many reasons for convenience. The three most common ones are known to Rainer Stimbert from his practice.

  1. In the past, humans had to be fit to hunt their prey. A certain level of fitness was vital for him. In contrast, our foray nowadays only consists of going to the supermarket or the refrigerator. Thanks to the internet and special delivery services, movement is practically no longer necessary.
  2. Perhaps, however, you also unconsciously internalized the comfortable lifestyle in your shaping phase between the ages of 0 and 5. In this phase, you take over 80 to 90 percent of your basic behavior from caregivers such as your parents. This can be highly formative, especially when it comes to nutrition and exercise.
  3. Or maybe you have had unpleasant experiences with athletic, slim people, for example, by always holding your sporty brother as a role model in front of your nose. This can lead to an inner dislike for this type of person. Or you are simply in the company of more comfortable people and see no need to change your lifestyle.

Can Hypnosis Turn A Lazy Man Into A Motivated Athlete?

Yes, it works. Above all, one thing is essential for a change: ambition – even if it is only a tiny spark. “That is enough as a basis for work,” says Rainer Stimpert. “It is important that I have an idea of ​​what goal I want to achieve, how I will look then, how I will feel and what advantages I will have.” According to Stimbert, there are always positive examples in his practice: “A participant group hypnosis on the subject of weight loss, who was quite overweight and unsportsmanlike, took part in a marathon around 1.5 years later. Today she is a sports fanatic – defined and well trained. “

The trick is to set realistic sub-goals instead of wanting everything. Be as specific as possible about this. Instead of “I want to lose weight,” your goal should instead be “I want to lose 50 pounds by March 1st”. And this is where – when it comes to ambition – hypnosis comes into play …

How Does Hypnosis Work For Weight Loss?

After the goal of the session has been determined, Rainer Stimbert initiates the trance. Very important: This has nothing to do with the show hypnosis that you know from television. Instead, hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation in which the hypnotized person is neither willless nor stepped away. Those in a trance are highly focused and in such a wakeful state that they can link processes in the subconscious in a completely new way.

In this state, the client should describe the unpleasant situation, the negative feelings connected with his problem, and feel it again. This blockage needs to be resolved and replaced with positive emotions. At this point, your wishful thinking plays a significant role. How would the client ideally see themselves? Strong-willed, fit, and slim, for example.

“I like to work with so-called ground anchors, which means: I ask the client about the target word or his preferred personality. I write this word on a piece of paper on which the client stands at the very end. This increases the effect even more. “This technique is also used in professional sports or business coaching.

The good feeling that the client has at the end of the session is then anchored. It works like this: First, an anchor is selected – Stimbert likes to press two fingers together. The positive emotions that occur during hypnosis are mentally linked to this anchor. The meaning behind it is that if the client presses his fingers together in certain situations, he can experience this positive feeling again.

Can I Fall Back Into Old Patterns After Hypnosis?

Here, too, the anchor plays an essential role: “This should be practiced as often as possible to strengthen the connection between the neurons in the head,” says the hypnosis coach. He likes to compare this to a path across a meadow. “I can see my footprints in the grass, but the stalks have straightened up after a short time, and you can no longer see anything. However, if I walk this path a few times every day, a solid path will quickly become recognizable. It can also be transferred to the neuron anchors in this way. That helps me to remember my new pattern and to train it.” If none of this helps, the expert recommends a new session to refresh.

Can I Also Influence My Diet With Hypnosis?

When it comes to losing weight, however, not only willpower about exercise plays a role, but also and above all, the cravings for sweet or fatty foods. Here too, hypnosis can help: “Sometimes it is enough to let the client feel the effects of regular sugar consumption while under hypnosis. And then you show him what it feels like to do without it and instead only eat foods that are good and healthy for the body,” says Rainer Stimpert. After all, our subconscious knows exactly what is good for us. 

Does Hypnosis Help Everyone Lose Weight?

High-performance athletes come to Rainer Stimbert’s practice as well as ambitious amateur athletes or people who are overweight. The coach can help most of you, but not everyone can be hypnotized. “These are mainly people who cannot let go, who need constant control. A trusting relationship between the client and the hypnotist must be established. That is the basis of every meeting. “

Most people, however, can be hypnotized. For Rainer Stimbert, one thing is clear: Hypnosis is a miracle weapon – especially on an emotional level. “Something happens in thinking, in behavior, in perception. A change of perspective takes place, and all of this happens subliminally, beyond our conscious mind,” says Stimpert.

According to Stimbert, the basis for successful hypnosis is belief in yourself and your abilities and the desire for change. If this is the case, hypnosis has a very high success rate, and one’s effort is not perceived as such. The expert’s tip: don’t put yourself under pressure. Just wait and allow your subconscious to develop.


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