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Caffeine As A Fat Burner: Coffee Helps You Lose Weight

Will coffee soon replace diets? Current research shows that coffee stimulates the brown body fat cells and thus boosts fat burning. The famous hot drink can therefore help you lose weight.

The reputation of it is getting better and better: In recent years, various study results have shown the favorable properties of coffee consumption.

Scientists have proved, for example, that coffee protects the brain from diseases, can be used in the treatment of migraines, and even has a life-prolonging effect.

The results of a British research group, published in ‘Scientific Reports,’ even go one better: According to them, it could soon be used as a form of therapy for diabetes.

Because, according to scientists, it helps you lose weight.


Fat Is Not Just Fat

When we talk about body fat, we usually refer to the white adipose tissue, which serves as a long-term energy store for the body.

In addition, humans also have brown adipose tissue, which is another beneficial one: Brown adipose tissue can provide us with energy in a short time and generates heat in the process. The process is therefore also called thermogenesis.

To carry out this thermogenesis, brown fat burns sugar, fat, and calories. It is, therefore, a first-class helper in weight loss.

For a long time, research has been carried out on various methods of how external influences could stimulate adipose tissue.

Coffee Activates Brown Adipose Tissue

In laboratory tests on stem cells, researchers from the School of Medicine at the University of Nottingham discovered something interesting: the caffeine contained in coffee increased the activity of brown fat in the cell cultures.

Enthusiastic about the results, the scientists then examined whether the determined effect could also be demonstrated in humans.

To do this, they let test subjects drink a cup of coffee and then used thermal imaging to monitor the body’s brown fat reserves when it emits heat.

And indeed: immediately after drinking coffee, the brown fat warmed up. So it had been activated and started burning calories. 

Coffee As A Drug For Diabetes?

In their study report, the researchers explain that the potential effects of this finding should not be underestimated because obesity is a significant health problem for society – with more and more people developing diabetes.

Therefore, the reaction of our brown adipose tissue to coffee could be the starting point for solving these problems.

In further studies, the scientists now want to investigate whether the effect is solely due to the caffeine or whether other coffee components also play a role.

These ingredients could then be used to produce a drug that helps with weight loss in the long term.


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