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Awake: These Seven Coffee Alternatives Help Fight Fatigue

Coffee gives energy. But its effect quickly wears off again. These 7 coffee alternatives are real pick-me-ups and also contain valuable nutrients

71 percent of Germans drink at least one coffee a day, every second even several cups, according to a survey conducted as part of the Tchibo coffee report. Most coffee lovers appreciate coffee not only for its delicious taste but also for its stimulating effect. But: Caffeine does have the desired result for a brief moment, but just as quickly, the surge of energy subsides again, and you feel as if you were withdrawn. It can be done differently if you choose one of these 7 wake-ups in the morning. They not only wake you up but also provide you with essential nutrients and minerals.

Nothing Works Without Water

A glass of water in the morning is a must because your body loses a lot of fluids during the night, which must be replenished. Your body cannot work without water so that you can feel more alert and fitter after just a glass of water. Incidentally, this does not only apply in the morning. If you feel tired, the way to the tap can help. However, to avoid getting that far, it is advisable always to have a bottle ready.

Citrus Fruits As A Coffee Substitute

100 milliliters of lemon juice contains 53 milligrams of vitamin C (source: “Die Große Wahrburg / Egert calories & nutritional value table”). Vitamin C supports the ability to concentrate and has a stimulating effect. Incidentally, acidic foods have a similar impact to spicy foods: metabolism and circulation are stimulated so that you immediately feel more alert. So in the morning, it’s best to squeeze lemons and oranges or eat mandarins, kiwi, or grapefruit.

Mate Tea Makes You Awake And Full

The traditional South American drink is made from the dried leaves of the mate bush by brewing them. Similar to coffee, it has a stimulating effect, but this effect lasts longer. In addition to caffeine, mate contains bitter substances and vitamins, which get the entire metabolism going. At the same time, the bitter substances curb the appetite.

Guarana Contains More Caffeine Than Coffee

Guarana tea and guarana capsules and powder consist of the ground nuts or seeds of the guarana plant. The guarantee is first converted into caffeine in the body, which means that it goes into the blood more slowly and lasts longer. If you have a long meeting or a time-consuming exercise session ahead of you, it is better to drink guarana than coffee.

Green Tea, The Gentle Coffee Alternative

In addition to numerous vitamins and minerals, green tea contains phytochemicals that act as antioxidants to protect your body cells from free radicals. The caffeine content in green tea positively affects the circulatory system and metabolism, and brain and heart activity. However, due to the lower concentration of caffeine, green tea makes you less nervous and fidgety than coffee.

Tip:  Always buy the tea in the tea shop, not in the supermarket. It often tastes bitter. The best varieties for green tea beginners are the Japanese Sencha or the Chinese Lung Ching.

Ginger Gets The Metabolism Going

The spicy tuber ensures that you and your metabolism get going in the morning. In addition, ginger has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. If ginger tastes too hot for you on its own, you can also drink it as tea and mix it with a bit of honey. Alternatively, the tuber is also suitable for enhancing the taste of water.

Green Smoothies For More Energy

With green leafy vegetables, you can increase your energy level quickly and easily. Spinach, kale, or rocket provide many B vitamins. They help the body convert food into energy and are commonly known as anti-stress vitamins. They are also full of iron, minerals, and fiber. In combination with a bit of fruit, the vegetables can be processed into a delicious smoothie that you can enjoy on the go without any problems.

Whether as an energy boost in the morning or when the afternoon low is approaching. Our 7 stimulants not only keep you fit and increase concentration, but they also bring plenty of variety to the day.


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