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Why Is Coffee Bad For Your Health? The Most Prominent Myths Explained

You want beautiful legs like Halle Berry and have always wondered what their secret is? We have revealed it and have also summarized other capabilities of the miracle cure coffee for you.Coffee has long ceased to be just to be drunk. Your skin should get some of it and be able to enjoy the benefits. But you didn’t want to risk it until now because you thought coffee could be toxic? Don’t worry. Here’s why coffee should be part of your beauty routine.

Is Coffee Unhealthy?

You have probably been confronted many times that coffee is supposed to be harmful and that you shouldn’t drink too much. But that’s not precisely the truth because the amount of coffee is what makes the difference. It is certainly not the best if you drink gallons of coffee every day. Some meta-studies (summary of many scientific studies), such as one at the renowned Harvard University, examined the connection between coffee consumption and cardiovascular diseases. They concluded that the most significant risk is when no coffee is drunk at all.

It is difficult to derive a direct positive and healthy effect from coffee, as other properties usually contribute to your health. From a scientific point of view, coffee cannot be classified as harmful in principle.

Why You Should Incorporate Coffee Into Your Beauty Routine And How You Can Do It

Coffee Effect: Anti-Aging

Coffee contains antioxidants that can scavenge harmful radicals. The result: your skin is protected from aging too quickly. These free radicals are found in coffee in a dose 500 times higher than, for example, in vitamin C.

DIY Tip:

A mask made from coffee grounds, honey, and quark leaves your skin looking velvety soft, and fresh. A facial peeling with the rough coffee grounds removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. Add a little coconut oil or olive oil to nourish your skin with additional nutrients.


Coffee Effect: Fight Cellulite

It is not for nothing that some stars, like Halle Berry, swear by coffee to fight cellulite. The coffee grains free your skin from old flakes of skin, stimulate cell renewal, and stimulate blood circulation. Caffeine also has a firming effect, which can lead to a better complexion.

DIY tip:

A coffee grounds peeling is perfect for the whole body to provide the skin on the thighs with sufficient blood and promote cell renewal. To make your skin even more supple, mix in an oil of your choice (jojoba oil, olive oil).

Coffee Effect: Ensures Solid And Shiny Hair

Coffee can not only promote hair growth, but it can also strengthen the hair. In the case of darker hair, caffeine can also enhance the shine and color.

DIY Tip:

Next time, mix some coffee grounds into your shampoo and then use it to massage your scalp extensively. This stimulates blood circulation and strengthens the hair roots. But don’t forget to rinse everything thoroughly afterward.

Coffee Effect: Anti-Inflammatory

Your eyes are slightly puffy in the morning, and you struggle with dark shadows? Coffee can help make you look fresh again after a short while. Because of the slightly dehydrating effect of coffee, the blood vessels are contracted a little, and you appear much more alert.

 DIY tip:

Make ice cubes out of coffee, and then place them on your puffy eyes for a few minutes in the morning. But of course, you can also pick up the coffee grounds and place them under your eyes for a few minutes.

5 Myths About Coffee: It’s True

Coffee Myth: Coffee Removes Water From The Body

While it’s a common rumor, it’s not true. Coffee has a slight diuretic effect at first but does not cause dehydration in the long term. The urge to urinate comes from adding a lot of fluids to your body in a short time. With regular coffee consumption, your body gets used to it.

Conclusion: No, it is not true that coffee removes water from the body.

  1. Coffee Myth: Coffee Helps You Lose Weight

Coffee certainly stimulates the metabolism, but on the one hand, your body gets used to the daily dose of caffeine, and on the other hand, losing weight is too extensive an approach to be reduced to one food.

Conclusion: Coffee does not have any long-term effects when losing weight.

  1. Coffee Myth: Raises Blood Pressure

It is often argued that the purpose of caffeine is to increase the pressure in the blood vessels. For this reason, people with high blood pressure often do not dare to drink coffee. Although the blood pressure increases slightly due to the caffeine, it regulates itself again after 30 minutes.

Conclusion: You can drink coffee even with high blood pressure. But in moderation, of course.

  1. Coffee Myth: Protects Skin And Liver Function

Coffee contains, among other things, cafestol and chanyeol, which have antioxidant effects not only on your body but also on your skin. Regular daily consumption can therefore counteract liver fibrosis.

Bottom line: consuming coffee can boost your liver health.

  1. Coffee Myth: Increases Productivity

A few years ago, a study showed that coffee consumption could improve long-term memories (depending on the dose, of course). In addition, caffeine can ensure better concentration under stressful conditions. But: everything in moderation, of course.

Conclusion: In moderation, coffee can increase concentration.


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