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Jogging For Beginners – The Ultimate Guide

You want …

  • decrease
  • get fitter or
  • do something for your health?

Am I right? Well, you can do all of that by jogging. And now you’re wondering how best to start with that.

No problem! In this article, we’ll show you the best way to start running, how to best use it to lose weight, and even give you a training plan for beginners. After reading this article, all of your jogging questions will be answered. Promised!


Hardly anyone likes it, but everyone knows that you should start jogging if you want to lose weight. At least, that’s usually the first thought. Why? Well, anyone can do it, and everyone knows how it works. Strength training always seems intimidating in direct comparison, as there are hundreds of different exercises, and not everyone dares to use the machines. Without a doubt, running is an effective way to burn extra calories. Depending on the intensity, you can expect 500-600 calories per hour, adding up to several kilos over time.

How Long And How Often?

That depends on your running style. Do you jog at a slow pace? Do you incorporate sprints in between? Are you going full throttle right from the start? The intensity has a decisive influence on how you should design your running training.

For beginners, a general recommendation to start is 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes. If you haven’t been physically active before, this will already work wonders. You will burn many calories, sweat, and lose a few pounds in the process (even if you have to take a little break now and then). Getting started is the biggest hurdle, especially at the beginning. Don’t get too rigid on a fixed number or duration. It is essential that you create and not put it off all the time.

At this point, the myth that the body only starts burning fat after 20-30 minutes of running should be dispelled. This doesn’t seem right in that you generally burn a lot of calories while running. Those who burn many calories will also lose weight – whether you are active for 15, 20, or 30 minutes. As soon as you have developed a specific routine and jogging is easier for you, you may get into what is known as “runner’s high.” This is a state in which you fade out everyone around you, have your head accessible, and almost by yourself. When people report that running clears their heads and relaxes them, they usually talk about the runner’s height.

How Best To Start?

Put on running shoes, go out, start running. In and of itself, it’s as simple as it sounds. But of course, there are also a few things to watch out for when running. For example, very overweight people should not start traditional jogging, as the constant jumping movements on the bones and joints can damage them. With every step, they have to cushion and absorb the weight. As an alternative, we recommend walking quickly with constant contact with the ground or walking on an incline, i.e., uphill. This is much more intense and gentle on the joints.

If you would describe yourself as a “sports grouch” and are quickly out of breath, I have two different approaches for you if you want to start jogging:

Run intervals. Tired of jogging for 30 minutes straight from the start? Then try it once with gaps or breaks. You could run for 1 minute and then walk briskly for 1 minute, so you don’t have to go through in one piece, which can undoubtedly become a problem if your stamina is not yet developed. Running intervals also burn a lot of calories and allow you to approach running slowly.

Exercises. If you don’t like running, you can use various running exercises, such as stair training. Find a staircase in your area and walk it up and down for 15 minutes. You can climb it with one leg, jump up to the side, jump up or run up traditionally.

There are also many different exercises you can do as a beginner to make jogging more interesting. This video introduces you to 10 different running variants, all of which you can easily do on a sports field or in the great outdoors:

Tip: In general, one can say: Short, intensive running units with breaks are ideal for beginners. If you don’t want to jog for hours straight away, then slowly approach it. Brisk walking or even a walk is always better than sitting on the couch!

Training Plan

So what could a training plan look like for someone who wants to start jogging? Above all else, the following should be pointed out: No matter what you choose – stay tuned! The point of running is to get fitter and lose weight. You can only do that if you stick with it. It is nonsense to force yourself to run for 60 minutes 5 times a week when you are just starting. You probably won’t be able to keep up with that. So start lightly, possibly with interval jogging or even brisk walking. Increase the duration of your sports units by 5 minutes every 2 weeks, or increase the pace a little until you can run briskly for at least 30 minutes at some point.


  1. Use suitable shoes. The proper footwear is essential when running. If the sole of the shoe is too hard, the shoe too tight or too worn, you get sore feet and damage your joints. The sole of your shoe shouldn’t be too hard, and your foot shouldn’t slide around in the shoe. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive model, but saving on shoes is a mistake!
  2. Audiobooks. You can, of course, listen to music while jogging, but have you ever tried an audiobook? My recommendation: Download a crime thriller as an audiobook and listen to it every time you run. This gives you something to concentrate on and makes running much more exciting. This is how you combine annoying running with a pleasant activity.
  3. Do strength training on the side. Have you taken a closer look at long-distance runners? Most of them are extremely thin. The stimulus to the muscles is very low when running, which is why muscle mass is lost over a long period. So ideally, do strength training on the side to protect valuable muscles.
  4. Eat enough protein. Athletes have an increased need for protein – including runners. If you eat too little, you favor muscle breakdown. Just as with strength training, a protein shake is an ideal exercise to supply your muscles with the necessary amino acids.
  5. Bring variety in. It doesn’t always have to be jogging. Losing weight and getting fitter works with other sports too. A round of badminton, squash, football, swimming, or whatever welcome changes and adds a little pep to everyday life.

Closing Words

The best thing about jogging is that anyone can do it. Everyone. Shoes on, go out, and run. It doesn’t take more. And that is precisely the most important thing: Don’t worry about the best way to start for days, start.

Running three times a week for 20-30 minutes can work wonders. If it is too strenuous for you, you can still use the interval method. Whatever you do: go ahead!


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