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Three Secrets To Find A Flat Stomach

How to find a flat stomach and keep it? Here are some of the secrets to get there and to be able to get back into the slim fit that you adore so much!

Start With A Detox (secret # 1)

Already having the idea of ​​changing your eating habits is good! But with the body no longer prone to burning calories, one cannot expect any loss of abdominal fat. A detox is therefore essential and must precede a special flat stomach diet.

The purpose of detox is to restore intestinal order. It prepares the organs for weight loss, helping them to purify themselves naturally.

The Mono Diet: Detox

  • By opting for the mono diet, you will consume a single food for 3 to 4 days. For example, you can choose a 100% apple detox diet that will allow you to eat this fruit in all its forms: raw, cooked, juice, etc.

The Gentle Formula

  • The gentle formula consists of adding detox food to all meals for 2 to 3 weeks. It is also possible to opt for a juice cure based on fruits or vegetables for only 3 days.

A Healthy And Balanced Diet (Secret # 2)

By adopting a healthy and balanced diet every day, you will gradually see your love handles disappear. To do this, learn to monitor the intake of essential nutrients on your plates. Likewise, stock up on vitamins and minerals by focusing on fruits and vegetables!

Foods To Choose

  • Try replacing cow’s milk with goat or soy milk so you can easily fight bloat. For your “flat stomach goal” diet, also favor the following foods :
    • Oil fruits: hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, almonds, etc.
    • Raw vegetables: carrots, beans, and green vegetables,
    • Legumes: red lentils, green lentils, split peas,
    • Fish and eggs: whose glycemic index is close to zero,
    • Plant milk: almond, hazelnut, spelled, oat milk, etc.

Foods To Avoid

  • Very often, the foods with the highest calories are, at the same time, the most harmful to health. In this case, limit or avoid foods rich in refined sugars such as ready-made meals, pizzas, white bread (or sandwich bread), pastries, sweets, etc.

To Drink A Lot Of Water

  • Drink plenty of water, but also tea or herbal teas. It takes at least 1.5 liters per day to help you lose belly reasonably quickly.

3 Exercises For A Flat Stomach (secret # 3)

Regular physical activity not only allows you to burn your calories, but it is also primarily used to prevent them from turning into fat stores and not in your stomach, the thighs, or buttocks. This does not mean that you will lose the energy accumulated during the day. On the contrary, sport helps you keep in shape.

To dislodge the fat from your belly, favor the practice of physical activity such as cardio, weight training, or abdominal weight training.

Here are three easy exercises to have a flat stomach :

The Preferred Cardio Exercise

The elliptical trainer is an excellent way to lose belly fat. The ideal is to practice a warm-up for 5 minutes, then repeat the following cycle:

  • One ultra-intense minute where you give everything you have,
  • Two minutes at average speed to promote recovery.

One hour of elliptical training burns around 500 calories. At this rate, belly fat is melting very quickly!

The Sheathing Exercise To Do

Once the calories have been burned and the belly fat eliminated, this region should be strengthened. So try to do the abdominal plank :

  • Lie on your forearms, elbows slightly forward about the shoulders,
  • Straighten your legs while keeping yourself on your tiptoes,
  • Keep your back and pelvis aligned and make sure you don’t arch your body,
  • Stay in this position for 1 minute,
  • Rest for 1 minute and repeat the exercise 3 times.

The Abdominals

There’s no point doing hundreds of sit-ups a day if they’re not done right. If so, they could have the opposite effect while causing terrible back pain! However, it is necessary to work well on your abs so that all the cardio and core training efforts bring a satisfactory result.

A good abs session should be made up of 3 exercises working three different areas: the rectus femoris, the large and small obliques, and the alternating obliques.

  • Lie on your back, preferably on a mat.
  • Bend your knees and keep your feet firmly on the ground.
  • Put your hands close to the head (without exerting pressure).
  • Liftoff, your upper body, keeping your back straight and your lumbar glued to the mat.

This is the most common abs exercise. It is advisable to do two sets of 20.

Large And Small Obliques:

  • Still lying on your back, glued to the mat, bend your knees, bringing them above your chest.
  • One hand should be placed on the back of the neck while the other should be extended on the floor at a right angle to your body.
  • Bring your elbow closer to the opposite knee.

Perform a series of 20 movements on each side.

Alternate Obliques:

  • Place both hands behind the neck in an extended position.
  • Bend your legs slightly while keeping contact with the ground.
  • Simultaneously bring your right elbow together with the left knee above your chest.

This exercise is to be repeated 20 times, alternating left/right.

Tips For Getting A Better Result

If none of this inspires you, you can also focus on sports like walking, cycling, swimming, or jogging!

What about slimming creams in all of this? You can use it to support the loss of fat in your belly. Whether by palpating and rolling or gently massaging, creams help to remove fat cells.


Boosted metabolism, a balanced diet (with little sugars), and adapted physical exercises, are the secrets to finding a flat stomach! So what are you waiting for to start your anti-overweight cure? Remember this, if it can motivate you:

“There are no more seasons for bead hunting !… A protruding belly is not very exciting.”

 Finally, everything is said … or almost! Feel free to share your tips for losing belly fat effectively in the comments


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