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The Truth About Grapes: Is It An Effective Anti-Wrinkle?

Grapes are a fruit that can be found very quickly on the stalls of  businesses. Available all year round, it reaches its peak season around July. It is rumoured that grapes are a natural anti-ageing agent. Is it true? Is it scientifically based?

Presentation Of The Grape

On the scale, many grapes weigh between 150 and 500 g, depending on their variety. Its grains are of variable colours; they can be black, pink or white. Its sweet taste and fresh scent distinguish this fruit.

Grapes, a source of manganese, vitamins and antioxidants.

Nutritional Information On Grapes

1 Kg of this fruit contains:

Calories 700 kcal (white) 621 kcal (black)

Protein 6.3 g (white) 6 g (black)

Carbohydrates 164 g (white) 156 g (black)

Lipids 3 g (white) 4 (black)

Vitamin C 40 mg (white) 108 (black)

Vitamin B9 101 ug (white) 50 (black)

How Does Grape Prevent Skin Ageing?

We can consider that the grapes protect against skin ageing because it reduces the harmful effects of free radicals. It is also found in certain cosmetic products placed on the market that comply with the rules of composition, labelling, presentation, etc.  Its high content explains its skin protection in antioxidants, or more precisely, resveratrol.

“Grape seed extracts are rich in polyphenols and are used in anti-aging cosmetics for their antioxidant property as well as their healing power.”


How To Consume Grapes To Preserve Your Skin From Aging?

For the fruit to act as a natural anti-wrinkle, consume it every day as a 1/2 litre juice. Grape juice is made up of an average of 15 g of sugar per 100 ml. 

You can stop taking it after eight weeks. Over time, your blood level of antioxidants should increase, which will reduce the damage caused by free radicals. Anti-wrinkle treatments are interesting because they help maintain the skin’s capital. 

You can also eat the grapes cooked (in the oven or the pan) or raw to benefit from their Benefits on the skin. It is possible to combine it with other ingredients and to taste it at any time of the day:

  • For breakfast, as a jam or as an accompaniment to a dairy product.
  • As an aperitif, on a skewer with cheese.
  • At lunch, grapes go very well with meat.
  • For dessert, in a crumble, a clafoutis or a fruit salad.

At What Time Of Year To Consume Grapes?

The grape is available all year round on French stalls. It reaches its entire season from July to October.

The Different Varieties Of Grapes

There is a wide variety of grapes, but they are generally found in two very distinct colours: black and white.

Black Varieties

Hamburg Muscat

  • The Muscat Hamburg is characterized by its colour “dark blue”. Their small size and elongated shape distinguish its grains. This variety of grapes is sweet, and its texture is melting.

Alphonse Lavallée

  • Compared to the Hamburg Muscat, Alphonse Lavallée stands out for its round shape and the size of its grain. This type of grape is firmer in the mouth and contains more juice.

White Varieties

The Chasselas

  • This variety of the grape has a beautiful cluster of golden colour. Its grains are relatively small and round. The taste of Chasselas combines flavours of flower and honey.

The Other White Varieties

  • Chasselas is the main variety of white grapes. However, there are other grape varieties of this colour: Orla, Italia, Dallas and Centennia.

Big And Tiny Stories Of The Grape

It is said that the grape was the favourite fruit of the kings of France. In the 17th century, Louis XIV kept the fruit at his table and brought him the most famous varieties of the country. The grapes from the Midi were then shipped to Paris on horseback inboxes filled with bran.

In Short

Today, table grapes are abundant and available throughout the fall and even beyond. And everyone can easily choose from the varieties they prefer.

We recognize several nutritional benefits, manganese, and vitamins. But one of the most coveted is undoubtedly its ability to delay skin aging . Like many other foods containing antioxidants, the grape always intends to be crowned at the table of the best natural anti-wrinkle, even if some super-foods will not necessarily look favourably on it …

And you? What is your opinion on the subject? The grapes he deserves to be among the most effective natural foods against ageing skin? Have you seen its effects? Your opinion matters to us. Do not hesitate to share it in the comments of this sheet!


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