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Diets To Lose Weight: What They Didn’t Tell You About Dietary Change

In a country where half the population is overweight, it is natural that searches for information on diets to lose weight. However, the truth is that most people who have already restricted their diet to eliminate fat hardly escape the accordion effect and can gain even more weight than they had before.

We know promises are tempting. Advertisements usually link diets to celebrity names and announce encouraging results such as “losing 3 kilos in a week”, “losing up to 10 kilos in a month”, and so on.

However, doctors and nutritionists unanimously say that diets do not work. Hardly a person will be able to maintain the result in the long term. In addition, the very rapid and unhealthy elimination of fat can even put your health at risk.

Want to know more about diets and what is the best weight loss strategy? Continue reading to find out more!

Why Do Weight Loss Diets Not Work?

While it is possible to lose weight quickly through weight loss diets, the truth is that they can put your health at risk. Those who adhere to this proposal restrict the amount of food consumed without worrying about nutritional balance.

Thus, those who seek the solution to reach the ideal weight through a diet face the following problems:

Suffering Due To Restriction In Quantities

On a diet, the person does not change what he consumes. It only changes the size of the ingested portions. Therefore, if the person ate a huge plate of white pasta with a four-cheese sauce, he would continue to eat that same plate but restrict himself to a much smaller amount.

As a result, the person is hungry most of the time. The weight loss process becomes unsustainable, making it difficult to maintain it for a prolonged period. That’s why nearly half of people quickly abandon diets.

Nutritional Deficiency

Most often, excess weight is caused not only because we eat a lot but because we eat wrong. This means we prefer products with high calories and generally low nutritional value. This happens with refined bread, pasta, sweets, fried foods, etc.

Therefore, if we change the amount of food ingested but not its quality, our organisms will suffer. There will be a lack of nutrients, which can affect different parts of our body.

What Are The Alternatives To Diets?

There are two other effective and healthy weight loss strategies. Next, let’s talk about food and lifestyle reeducation.

Nutritional Education

In re education, the person learns how to maintain a healthy diet. The focus is not on reducing the amount ingested but on the quality of your meals.

This is a big step up from the diet. After all, when a person learns to eat the right foods, he doesn’t get hungry. It is possible to achieve good satiety by adding lots of raw vegetables to your meal and reducing the number of calories.

In addition, with a healthy eating program, the person will not suffer from nutritional deficiencies. Your organism will have all the necessary elements to function well, have energy throughout the day and produce new cells to renew body tissues.

In this sense, vegetarian food is very interesting. The person manages to eat a considerable volume of food, gets all the nutrients he needs, and reduces the number of calories ingested. This is one of the reasons why we use this gastronomic proposal in our restaurant.

Lifestyle Reeducation

Lifestyle reeducation is even more comprehensive than food reeducation. In this proposal, the person not only learns to put together a healthy, nutritious, and less caloric menu. Changing habits involves other day-to-day actions that interfere with weight gain or loss and general health.

People adopt other healthy habits in lifestyle reeducation. They learn to drink water regularly, in generous amounts, and at the right times. This very simple attitude already contributes to eliminating fat in several ways.

It’s also important to say goodbye to a sedentary lifestyle and insert movement into your routine. Therefore, we encourage both the practice of physical exercises and the incorporation of other activities throughout the day, such as changing the elevator for the stairs, going out for a walk with the dog, interrupting the sitting activity, and doing some squats, among other possibilities.

Another habit that people don’t usually imagine interferes with our relationship with weight is sleep. The lack of a refreshing night’s rest interferes with the functioning of our body, including the release of hormones that regulate feelings of satiety and hunger.

Therefore, those who sleep little or have insomnia can spend the day hungry and eat more food than necessary. This does not happen because the body needs food but because hormones are out of balance.

For all these reasons, we understand that dietary reeducation is necessary. However, if the person opts for a lifestyle reeducation, he will have even better results, both for weight loss and health.

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