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Eight Foods That Help Against Constant Hunger

The urge to eat all the time and never feel full can be exhausting. But some foods can help you manage your (constant hunger) indefatigable appetite healthily.

Even many normal-weight people know it: the feeling of being hungry all the time, along with the urge to snack on something all the time. The routine look in the fridge the nagging craving for something sweet or salty can all get pretty exhausting. Constant appetite is annoying, and snacking too much is not only unhealthy, but it also leaves you feeling bloated and unsatisfied at the end of the day. Luckily, some foods can help when you’re constantly hungry.


The high-fat content and the plenty of vitamins and minerals supplied – above all, valuable omega-3 fatty acids – ensure that the body feels well filled with nutrients after just one avocado . This prevents the brain from sending out hunger signals after a short time. An experiment conducted in California found that “persistently hungry” feel up to 40 percent less of the urge to snack in the afternoon after eating avocado with lunch. So if you’re constantly hungry, it pays to make a habit out of it.


A tablespoon of flaxseed (previously soaked in water) provides 2.8 grams of fiber. On top of that, the residence time of flaxseed in the stomach is comparatively high, so it acts as a healthy bulking agent. The subjects were given a thick shake to drink. Half of the shakes contained fiber from flaxseed; the other half contained nothing else. They did not know which shake the participants received. Then large portions of pasta were served. Those who had shaken with flaxseed ate 30 per cent less. The reason: They were full faster – and stayed that way. 


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and an omelet breakfast is the most filling. The valuable protein and numerous nutrients supply the body so well in the morning that the brain does not even send out “deficiency signals” that promote constant snacking and set off a blood sugar roller coaster for the rest of the day, making us constantly hungry. A study conducted in Connecticut in 2010 revealed an astonishing fact: subjects who ate three eggs on toast for breakfast consumed 400 fewer calories throughout the rest of the day than those who were given a cream cheese bagel. 

Coconut Oil

Even if it has now been shown that the general hype surrounding coconut oil as a universal remedy was exaggerated, its filling properties are still undisputed.

The trick: One tablespoon in the morning on an empty stomach acts as a satiety regulator for the whole day. Incidentally, the healthy fat does not end up on the hips but goes directly to the liver, which provides an extra energy kick and thus boosts the metabolism. The desire to constantly nibble something is history.

Chili Peppers

Researchers at Purdue University in West Lafayette (Indiana) have found unique chili pepper in a detailed study. More specifically, the active ingredient capsaicin, it contains, is responsible, among other things, for the extreme heat of the chili. Capsaicin curbs cravings making the craving for sweets and fats disappear immediately; at the same time, calorie consumption skyrockets and blood sugar levels stabilize. The latter is particularly important to curb the urge to snack. You have to like the sharpness, though, because that’s what brings about the significant effects. Incidentally, diligent research is currently being carried out into how to take advantage of the health benefits of a chili pepper without having to nibble on one. 4If you don’t mind anyway, open fire!


Whether as a cinnamon star at Christmas, in the cake batter or as a topping on muesli, yoghurt and co: cinnamon goes with almost everything. And the Christmas spice not only tastes damn good but also helps to get the feeling of hunger under control. It has been proven that cinnamon can lower blood sugar and thus prevent food cravings and improve insulin sensitivity. In plain language: if you are always hungry, please reach for the cinnamon! 


The hormone leptin found in ginger is a natural appetite suppressant. In addition, the small miracle root is rich in vitamin C, stimulates circulation, strengthens the immune system and promotes blood circulation. All in all, great food to banish slight feelings of hunger between meals.


It is no coincidence that a good meal traditionally begins with a bit of soup. As a delicious “stomach caress”, it ensures that the following courses are not greedily shoveled in but can be enjoyed in a relaxed manner. It is essential that the soups are based on vegetable broth and are not enriched with heavy cream or bacon. A dollop of crème fraîche doesn’t hurt, but makes the soup all the tastier and therefore more satisfying. A large bowl of vegetable soup can even replace an entire meal and will keep you full for many hours.


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