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Frying Without Oil: How To Use Glucose Powder

Let’s find out how to get crispy frying without using oil, butter, and fat. Scarcely anybody realizes how to quit any pretense of browning, a sort of preparing that makes food crunchy and delicious. This, in any case, isn’t reasonable for those experiencing specific medical conditions and ought to be kept away from day by day. Notwithstanding, there is the chance of searing without oil: how about we perceive how.

How To Fry Without Oil

To have a light and low-fat frying without oil and butter, we can use powdered glucose, a natural sugar extracted from grapes that melts between 160 ° C and 190 ° C without becoming caramel. Thanks to its high heat conduction, powdered glucose reduces frying times, while its viscosity gives it crunchiness and avoids the “sponge” effect in fried foods.

Thanks to its ability to bind and stabilize food, Powdered glucose is also used in pastry, ice cream, and culinary art in general. It is also used as an anti-crystallizer and decreases the freezing point in products stored at sub-zero temperatures, such as ice cream and semifreddo. 

How To Fry With Powdered Glucose 

Browning with glucose powder is straightforward: just put it in a pan and hotness it, blending tenderly and constantly until disintegrated. When the temperature of 160 ° is reached, the glucose powder will be softened, becoming straightforward: this is the point at which you can inundate the food to be roasted, proceeding to mix until it is brilliant brown. When prepared, lift the singed food sources with an opened spoon and spot them on kitchen paper for a couple of moments to dispose of glucose.

Tips And Advice

When searing with powdered glucose, focus on caramelization: if the temperature surpasses 190 °, the powdered glucose caramelizes and starts to smoke. Continuously assist yourself with a cooking thermometer to ensure that the fricasseeing temperature stays between 160 ° and 190 ° C. 

Ideal for searing sweet food sources, glucose powder can likewise be successfully used to broil pungent food varieties:

  1. Dispose of the sweetish delayed flavor impression.
  2. Embed two leek leaves in the skillet.
  3. Wrap the food to be roasted in lettuce leaves, leek, or cabbage. 

It is absurd to expect to utilize glucose syrup or different sugars for broiling food: just glucose powder denied of water takes into consideration a wide temperature range without risking ruining the food. Food sources seared in powdered glucose will be more enlarged than those roasted in oil or margarine: the food expands in volume on account of the vanishing of the inward water.

Where To Buy Glucose Powder

Powdered glucose can be purchased at some drugstores and specialty pastry and pastry shops or ordered online. There are some excellent quality and fairly inexpensive glucose powder options available on Amazon – let’s see what they are.

Flavor Pure Powdered Glucose Syrup

Ideal for frying, but also for making cakes, icings, fruit jellies, ice creams, parfaits, sorbets, sugar paste and for making and decorating cakes and cupcakes with unusual, creative, and imaginative shapes, the glucose syrup in powder from SaporePuro is a dehydrated 21 DE (Dextrose Equivalent) and completely natural product, derived from the hydrolysis of starch. In addition, it is available in a 1.5 kg package and is also very useful for obtaining liquid glucose syrup.

Dolcincasa.com Dehydrated Glucose

Available in a 1 kg pack, Dolcincasa.com dehydrated glucose is a high-quality powder product, purified and dehydrated, obtained by hydrolysis of starch. It is also excellent in pastry. It is a professional product to be kept in a cool and dry place.

Molino Bongiovanni Dehydrated Glucose

Produced by Molino Bongiovanni, active since 1880 in Pogliola in the province of Cuneo, producing its flours with the volcanic stone mill and using self-produced energy exclusively from renewable sources, this dehydrated glucose powder (DE 39) is of excellent quality and is available in 500 g pack.


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