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How To Prevent Migraines In Everyday Life, At Work, And During Sports

Anyone who suffers from migraine attacks knows that the headache can appear suddenly – and that’s a huge problem. Here you can find out how you can best protect yourself from migraines in everyday life, at work, and above all, during sports.

Soft tapping, stabbing pain, painful pulling – when the pain in the head is almost unbearable, there is often a migraine behind it.

Many people are familiar with the problem: 27 percent of all adults suffer from migraines at some point.

To better protect yourself from the annoying attacks in everyday life, you can do prevention in everyday life, at work, and during sports.

Fortunately, various tips can help the next migraine attack to spare the body.

Measures To Prevent Migraine In Everyday Life

Have Breakfast Regularly

Preferably even twice. Above all, pay attention to plenty of carbohydrates. Caffeinated drinks and coffee are okay in the morning and during the day if you take care to consume similar amounts regularly.

Slow Food

Allow yourself time for all meals and try to keep the exact times. The brain likes that.

Drink, Drink, Drink

At least three liters are ideal. A dry mouth is a sign that you have not drunk enough. And if you exhaust yourself while exercising but don’t sweat, that’s a sign of dehydration.

Stick To The 10/20 Rule

This means that you should not take painkillers more than 10 days a month. 20 days should remain pill-free.

Be Mindful But Not Paranoid

According to experts, the so-called trigger concept is outdated, which permanently wants to identify causes as triggers for migraine attacks – such as stress, smells, menstrual cramps. Because: Paying too much attention to everything and constantly searching for possible “pathogens” is even more stressful. Fact: More critical than potential triggers is the daily form.

Measures To Prevent Migraine During Sports

Laying The Foundations

Even during sports, the brain needs food. Therefore, eat a snack at least 1.5 hours in advance. During long training sessions, also provide energy replenishment in between.


A thorough warm-up workout helps supply blood to the muscles, prevent cramps and avoid stress during training.

Avoid Heat

If possible, do not necessarily train at high temperatures. High temperatures are an additional stressor for the body.

Listen To The Body

You should stop when the pain comes: Typically, the headache increases with physical activity.


Relaxation is the best weapon in the fight against migraines. Autogenic training, yoga, or Pilates are good workouts and help to relax.

Measures To Prevent Migraines At Work

Schedule Breaks At Fixed Times

Breaks bring important regularity and calm into your hectic working day.

Eliminate Stressors

If something bothers you or you repeatedly clash with a colleague – say something! Clarify differences and try to create a harmonious environment.

Check After

Try not to check your email or phone for messages every two minutes. The eternal compulsion to look up puts you under unnecessary pressure.

Finish Work

If you are always and everywhere available to everyone, this creates permanent tension. Create quiet zones and especially times.

Creating A Feel-Good  Climate

Is the office chair comfortable? Can the temperature be regulated? And can you adjust the lighting individually? In a pleasant working atmosphere, we are less susceptible to stress.


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