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Early Hypertension, When High Blood Pressure Is Not Hypertension

Circulatory strain is fundamental since blood should be feeling the squeeze to arrive at all organs through the veins. When the heart contracts (purported systolic stage ), it drives the blood into the corridors. The tension increments essentially; when the heart unwinds (the alleged diastolic phase), it loads up with blood once more, and the strain in the conduits diminishes. 

In this manner, the pulse perusing has two numbers: the first estimates the tension in quite a while when the heart contracts ( systolic or most excellent strain ). The second demonstrates the pressure in the supply routes between one thump and the resulting (diastolic or most minor tension). Circulatory strain is viewed as typical with 120/80 mmHg values. By and by, this circulatory strain esteems watching out for as far as possible are thought of as an “alert” for the patient, who should begin a way of life changes, 

For example, gaining good dieting and active work propensities and having your pulse checked routinely by your PCP. Keeping up with ordinary circulatory strain is fundamental since hypertension is one of the leading cardiovascular danger factors and is answerable for a high occurrence of coronary and cerebrovascular inconveniences (for example, respiratory failure and stroke) and kidney entanglements.

Symptoms, Causes, And Risk Factors

Hypertension usually develops slowly and often causes no symptoms. Most hypertensive people do not feel any disturbance. In the case of very high blood pressure values ​​, headaches, visual disorders, dizziness, or fatigue can occur, indicating something is wrong. The causes that can lead to hypertension are numerous. The first to be counted are the family predisposition and the advancement of age, which, however, we cannot intervene. 

On the contrary, many factors cause hypertension. They can be modified: the passive, the consumer tobacco, the overweight, the stress, and improper eating habits, such as a high sodium diet and excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. An unregulated life leads to weight gain, and the excessive deposition of fat in adipose tissue, especially in the abdominal area, is a severe problem. 

Visceral obesity is associated with reduced cellular sensitivity to insulin, increased blood fats, hypertension, inflammation, hormonal imbalances, and alteration of some factors involved in the development of diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, and some of the most common forms of cancer. In reality, adipose tissue is not an inert store of energy. Still, a highly active endocrine organ capable of producing essential molecules, called adipokines, regulates metabolism, the endocrine and immune systems, cell proliferation, and probably also the pathophysiology of aging.

A Virtuous Lifestyle

One of the main secrets to protecting yourself from hypertension is to bring your bodyweight back to normal, and this is easily achievable with a virtuous lifestyle. When we talk about a “virtuous” lifestyle, we emphasize the importance of a correct diet and the habit of physical activity 6. First of all, a healthy and balanced diet, such as the Mediterranean one, is essential. To date, numerous scientific studies and publications recognize the dietary lifestyle inspired by the traditions of the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea as a balanced diet capable of positively influencing our health.

A proper diet must always be associated with regular physical activity. According to the guidelines of the SIIA (Italian Society of Arterial Hypertension), practicing moderate but constant physical activity decreases the possibility of developing arterial hypertension by 35% 7. The non-pharmacological therapeutic approach does not have immediate effects. To appreciate the benefits, it is necessary to wait from 4 to 6 weeks. 

It is, therefore, wrong to worry if, after a few days of changing your lifestyle, you do not notice changes in blood pressure levels. The non-pharmacological therapeutic approach is valid at the “beginnings” of the rise in blood pressure and the more advanced stages, i.e., when it comes to natural hypertension. The only difference is that, in the second case, it is essential to add – not replace! – drug therapy.

Prepare For The Medical Examination

A healthy lifestyle is always the right choice and is of great physical and mental help. and you don’t even need a prescription! If high blood pressure is suspected, the first contact must be with your doctor. Appointments can be short, and there is often a lot to discuss, so it is a good idea to arrive well “prepared” for a visit. Special preparations are not necessary to control blood pressure. However, some measures could help make the meeting with the doctor more effective. 

Here are some tips:

  1. write down any symptoms, including those that may seem irrelevant;
  2. collect “key” personal information, such as cases of hypertension in the family, the possible presence of chronic diseases such as high cholesterol or diabetes, heart disease, stroke;
  3. report all major stressors or recent life changes;
  4. prepare a list of all medications taken;
  5. write down questions to ask the doctor;
  6. Sometimes it can be challenging to remember all the information provided during a medical examination. Being accompanied by a family member or friend can help.

Take advantage of your doctor. Take the advice to heart!


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