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Diet, The 13 Infallible Tricks To Lose Weight

Losing weight does not mean following a diet for a few weeks and giving yourself crazy joy again. To lose weight, you need to identify the bad habits, change them and maintain them over time, even after reaching the goal, Here are some tricks to lose weight.

You Don’t Need To Go On A Diet, You Need A New Lifestyle

Losing weight does not mean following a diet for a few weeks and giving yourself crazy joy again. To lose weight, you need to identify the bad habits, change them and maintain them over time, even after reaching the goal. If you do not change your lifestyle, the lost pounds are quickly recovered, and in a short time, you are back to where you were before, with a ‘yo-yo’ effect that never ends.

Play Sports, The One That Suits You Best

Everyone tells us to exercise if we want to lose weight. It is very accurate, but which one and how? Maybe you could try Zumba: it is an aerobic type sport that allows you to consume many calories while having fun, but you have to see if it is suitable for your constitution. Physical activity must be customized according to your conditions: if for some prolonged aerobic work, such as step, running or Zumba, will be suitable, for others short and more intense jobs will be indicated, for others it will be essential to work first on muscle mass, with weights and tools, and then on weight loss.

Constantly evaluate the training level and any problems, for example, in the back or knees. In short, sport is an integral part of the lifestyle of those who want to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight, but at least at the beginning, it is good to rely on an expert.

Pay Attention To The Scale, Losing Weight Means Losing Fat Mass

Losing weight not only means losing weight but losing fat mass. If the balance goes down, it may be that we have lost only water or even muscle mass, which happens quickly when you are on a very low-calorie diet. It is true, in the mirror, we see ourselves a little slimmer and more deflated, but it is an apparent and short-lasting loss of weight. 

For this reason, especially if the kilos to lose are many, it would be helpful to rely on a serious professional, who, in addition to making us get on the scales, measures the circumferences of specific critical points, determines the body composition (fat mass, lean mass, water) through tests, such as bioimpedance analysis and evaluating the results of a diet over time.

Learn To Read Labels When Shopping

Those who want to lose weight must acquire a food culture, which means reading the labels of what you buy and not trusting only the advertisements. For example, if a product is defined as whole meal, the whole meal cereal must be at the top of the list of ingredients; in food that prides itself on being ‘lean’, fat cannot be in second place.


One Calorie Is Not The Same As Another

A tomato ripened in the summer sun contains the same calories as a greenhouse tomato, but the former is much richer in micronutrients which are not only good for the body but have a greater satiating and slimming effect; ditto for white flour and whole meal flour, good quality oils and hydrogenated vegetable fats. 

An over-calorie food with poor quality ingredients is poorly nutritious, not very filling, and provides empty calories. Therefore, for the same calories, the effect of foods on the brain can be different. Following the seasonality and varying foods is also essential to avoid monotony, which is one reason that leads to abandoning diets. 

No To High-Protein Diets, But Proteins Are Essential

While it is true that high-protein diets are unbalanced, it is also vital to ensure an adequate protein intake. Protein is essential for maintaining muscle mass, stimulating the metabolism to ‘burn’, having a good tone, physically and mentally, and feeling more efficient. A healthy person needs on average 1 gram of protein per kg of body weight: for a 65 kg woman, this means a handful of dried fruit (it is also allowed in diets, don’t overdo it!) Or an egg in the morning, a 100-120 gr steak, a plate of pasta and legumes for lunch, and some fish in the evening.


It is shown by several scientific papers that artificial sweeteners, far from making you lose weight, contribute to fat. The problem is not given by the number of calories (which in sweeteners is zero) but by the signal that reaches the body. The sweet taste of sugar and sweeteners activates signals in the brain that lead to the search for more sugar and other food, with the result that we tend to eat more at the next meal.

Artificial sweeteners cause an alteration of glucose metabolism similar to that of diabetics since they favor the transformation into the fat of what has been eaten. Two of the most common sweeteners block lipolysis, the mechanism that allows us to dissolve fat. In short, it could be said that they make you more fat than lose weight.

Avoid Fructose

We are not talking about the fructose naturally contained in fruits and vegetables, but as an industrial sweetener, such as corn syrup. Until recently, it was thought that having a lower glycemic index than sugar made you fat less. 

On the other hand, fructose has, so to speak, a preferential path of metabolization, which increases triglycerides and liver inflammatory levels, which interfere nearly with weight loss. Damage that would already begin in the belly because if the pregnant mother consumes fructose in large quantities, there is an activation of obesogenic mechanisms in the baby.

Eat Fruit, But Don’t Drink Industrial Juices

It is one thing to eat whole fruit, with its micronutrients and fibers that have satiating power. It is another thing to drink liters of juices which, even when they are 100% fruit, are deprived of the precious substances contained in the whole fruit.

Fruit in a diet is welcome, but don’t forget that it is still sugary, especially if we talk about grapes, bananas or figs. But even fruits made up mainly of water such as watermelon cannot be defined as ‘slimming’: a nice slice as a snack is refreshing, demineralizing and detoxifying, but you cannot eat half a watermelon. Instead of lunch in the illusion of losing weight!

Dark Chocolate Is Good For You, But Not A Whole Bar

What about the common belief that Chocolate makes you lose weight? First of all, let’s distinguish pure cocoa from Chocolate.  Cocoa has undisputed properties. It is protective for the liver, contains precious polyphenols and substances that can activate specific lipolytic mechanisms, but we are talking about pure bitter cocoa.

On the other hand, Chocolate is a delicious dessert that contains sugar and cocoa butter, which provide a lot of calories. Goodbye chocolate, then? No:  a square of good quality dark chocolate with at least 75-80% cocoa fits perfectly, even in a weight loss diet, but not a bar of milk chocolate!

Eat Calmly And Chew Well

Raise your hand if you have never eaten standing up or in front of a TV, PC or smartphone. But if you want to lose weight, food must be looked at, smelled, tasted, chewed slowly. It should be borne in mind that already during chewing, a series of signals are activated that reach the brain’s satiety centers. 

In contrast, the first signals in the blood arrive after 20 minutes, when certain nutrients begin to be absorbed. If you eat quickly, you risk finishing an entire meal before realizing you are full! Not only that:  eating slowly allows you to gradually dilate the stomach, better assimilate what you eat, digest it more efficiently and empty the intestine better. If you chew badly, whole pieces of food reach the stomach, requiring more intestinal work, with fermentation and swelling.

Studying: Makes You Lose Weight If You Combine Sport

That studying makes the brain work and that activating the brain increases glucose consumption is accurate, but from here to say that studying makes you lose weight. You should study while walking!  And instead, not only do you sit down, but you often fall into the temptation to nibble on something. Just look at our students, who are not precisely skinny on average. In short, studying can make you lose weight if you have the opportunity to disconnect with an hour of the sporting activity. Otherwise, it is useless to delude yourself!


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