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The 4 Best Protein-Rich Evening Snacks For Athletes

Chips and chocolate are a no-go for fitness fans in the evenings on the couch. You can eat these 4 protein-rich bed treats with a clear conscience before going to bed

Sitting in front of the TV and enjoying a handful of chips in your mouth is unthinkable for many athletes. After all, you have to keep your shape. But hobby athletes shouldn’t forbid themselves to have a bedtime snack before going to bed because those who grab the excellent snacks in the evening can support their muscle building.

Protein-Rich Evening Snack Ensures Optimal Regeneration

With a protein-rich evening snack, you ensure that your body does not fall back on protein from your muscles overnight. At night, your body switches to recovery. He also uses this regeneration phase to repair minor muscle injuries, such as muscle tears, during training. Amino acids are required for this.

And amino acids are the building blocks that makeup proteins. And so that the body does not steal the repair protein it needs from the muscles, it is essential also to provide sufficient protein at night, which it can use when needed. This prevents muscle breakdown and promotes muscle building.

So be sure to replenish your protein stores before going to sleep. These 4-night snacks are ideal for this:

Spoon Cottage Cheese In Front Of The TV

Grainy cream cheese is a good choice at any time of the day, especially before bed, as a healthy and easily digestible evening snack. It delivers a whole load of protein without adding a lot of fat to your calorie account. Particularly practical: you can spoon it out of the package. The protein bomb also tastes pure. If that is too boring for you, you can add a few almonds, for example. The nuts provide additional vegetable protein and healthy fatty acids, which means that the amino acids from the proteins get into the blood more slowly and you are well supplied all night long. 

Nuts As A Perfect Evening Snack

Nuts are very popular as a vegetable source of protein – whether almonds, walnuts or cashews. In addition to protein, they all provide a lot of healthy fats, which ensure that the protein is provided more slowly. This means that they meet all the criteria for a healthy night snack for athletes. You can also snack on nuts in the form of mus (peanut butter, almond butter) before going to bed. However, when buying nut butter, make sure that there are no added sugar or additives such as flavorings in it.

Boiled Egg As A Bedtime Treat

It should come as no surprise to you that eggs are full of protein. Hard-boiled, they’re a quick and easy snack – during the day and before bed. The (often underestimated) egg yolk provides all the essential amino acids. In addition, eggs contain many vitamins and minerals – an absolute superfood. If you are still looking for healthy fats for your calorie account at the end of the day, you can also eat a couple of avocado wedges—a tasty and healthy mix.

Low-Fat Curd Cheese Before Bed

Low-fat quark is particularly suitable as a bedtime treat, as the protein it contains is casein. Casein is naturally found in milk and, together with whey (whey), forms milk protein. The unique thing about casein: It only slowly passes into the blood. Perfect for providing amino acids from protein to your body all night. Sure, casein is also available as a protein powder. So it can be quickly processed into a shake. The low-fat quark variant is accessible on your wallet.

The catch: Unfortunately, it doesn’t taste that good on its own. Our tip: Either you refine it with honey and nuts or mustard and a few herbs. The quickest solution, however, is: close your eyes and go through.

A small (protein-rich) bedtime treat before going to bed is a must. At least now that you know which evening snacks you can use.



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