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Rice Diet: Lose Weight In Just 9 Days? The Diet Is Good For That

The Rice Diet is designed to help you lose as much weight as possible in a few days. But does it work? We reveal everything about this diet. As the name suggests, rice plays a major role in rice. It is the main component of every meal. The high-fiber grain is said to help you lose weight quickly. Cushions and unwanted pounds should melt away quickly with a low-calorie intake of 850 to 1,000 calories a day and a minimal fat intake.

But does such a rice diet work? What are the dishes made of, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this diet, and is it acceptable in health? Here you can find out everything you should know about the rice diet.

What Is The Rice Diet?

The rice diet is one of the so-called mono diets. This means that almost all of the food is consumed (in this case, rice). With most forms of the rice diet, vegetables, fruit, and lean meat or fish are added to the dishes after a few days.

Rice has many positive properties. The food is used for detoxification, for example, and is perfect for a detox cure that purifies the body.

There are different types of rice that you have to distinguish. Brown rice, for example, is very rich in fiber, aids digestion, and helps with constipation, among other things. White rice can help with diarrhea. Untreated whole grain rice contains the most fiber. Red rice and black rice help with high blood pressure and lower cholesterol.

How Does The Rice Diet Work?

With the strict variant of the rice diet, 3 servings of rice á 60 g (dry weight) are eaten daily. After a few days, the strict phase is relaxed, and the rice is combined with vegetables, fruits, or lean meat. Rice is filling and low in calories. The grain is rich in fiber and low in sodium. During the rice diet, you should drink a lot of water or unsweetened tea and eat as little salt as possible.

The grain is dehydrating and, in combination with other foods, helps fight water retention. That’s why the first kilos fall on the scales after just a few days. If you eat too much salt during the diet, this effect will not occur because salt binds water in the body.

The rice diet is divided into two phases: First, there is a 3-day detox phase, followed by another 9 days for rapid weight loss.

The 3 Day Rice Diet: Detoxify

The 3-day rice diet has a dehydrating and cleansing effect and, above all, is intended to provide quick results. The main menu item is rice. Brown rice can get the best results. For a change, you can also swap rice for other types of grain, such as barley, millet, or rye. If you want to avoid gluten, you can also use quinoa instead.

A Menu In The Rice Diet Can Look Like This:

Breakfast: sweet rice cream (rice is boiled in plenty of water or mixed into a smoothie), refined with a little honey or with a side dish of red fruits, apples, or applesauce.

Lunch: Boil brown rice in plenty of water + a teaspoon of virgin olive oil and some vegetables of your choice.

Dinner: Rice soup (or quinoa or barley), consumed separately with cooked and seasoned vegetables.

The 9 Day Rice Diet: Rapid Weight Loss

The second phase of the program is the 9-day diet. The structure of the rice diet is similar to the lemon diet, which is divided into a first shock phase for detoxification and a second, short phase for rapid weight loss.

If the plan is followed, the second stage promises minus 5 kilos in 9 days. Brown rice is also best at this stage, but no more than 80 grams per serving.

A Menu In The 9-Day Phase Can Look Like This:

Breakfast: a glass of rice milk + 3 rice cakes + a little organic jam with 100% fruit, without additives and sweeteners.

Lunch: Boiled or lightly salted brown rice with cream cheese (low-fat quark, Asiago, Parmesan cheese) and boiled vegetables. As an alternative to rice, you can gradually add more nutritious ingredients such as fish (bass, hake, grouper), skinless chicken, and vegetables. Lean meat and fish need to be grilled or baked without seasoning.

Dinner: risotto with mushrooms (max. 60 g rice) or boiled rice, seasoned with steamed prawns (or white meat) + mixed salad (or grilled vegetables). It is only spiced slightly but without salt. You can refine the dishes with a little oil.

Snacks: a handful of seasonal fruits.

The 9-day diet can also be divided into 3 phases of 3 days each. Start with a fairly strict diet and gradually add white meat or fish and vegetables over the next few days. The results come very quickly. The stomach flattens out, and the pounds drop off.

The Cons Of The Rice Diet

It has to be said clearly: the rapid and radical success of a rice diet is mainly due to water loss. You will not lose weight permanently with this diet. There is also a risk of the yo-yo effect, especially if the diet is not followed by a healthy and balanced diet or diet.

The strict eating plan during a rice diet is unbalanced and not very varied, making it very difficult. The one-sided diet also threatens a lack of nutrients. The negative consequences can also be the feeling of tiredness and lack of concentration.

This type of diet should only be used with a doctor or nutritionist’s consent. The rice diet should only be followed for a short time, if at all.

Rice Diet: Conclusion

Like all drastic diets, the rice diet has the disadvantage of short-term success. Ultimately, although the diet helps you get a flatter stomach and lose pounds in the shortest possible time, it has nothing to do with a balanced and healthy diet. We generally advise against drastic diets. Because even this form of diet does not work miracles and, above all, should not be used for permanent nutrition.

An Important Note At The End: 

This article is for informational purposes only and is not a recommendation for diets. An active lifestyle with a balanced diet and plenty of exercises is still the best way to stay fit and achieve or maintain a healthy weight.


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