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Lose More Weight With These Four Changes In Your Home

Anyone who wants to lose weight surely knows that they will need to change their diet—for example, eating more vegetables, fruits, and vegetables while cutting down on sugar, bad fats, and processed foods.

However, did you know that the environment can influence a person’s weight loss process? So today, we decided to bring you a list of changes you can make in your home to lose more weight.

Organize Your Closet And Fridge

A messy closet and fridge, where you can’t find the products, bring numerous problems.

For example, you may not be able to find the healthiest foods lost in the clutter. So, he resorts to easier-to-find junk or treats due to the rush.

Also, without constantly seeing the healthiest foods, it becomes harder to remember to use them in meals.

Another problem is that you may not even realize that an important healthy ingredient for your recipes, like chia or oat bran, is gone amid the mess. So, once again, you need to use another one that is not so good for your weight loss.

Therefore, your diet needs to keep your closet and fridge clean and organized. Keep the healthy products you need to use upfront to remember they’re there, have the impetus to pick them first, and know when they’re running low.

The caloric, fatty, and sugary items should be at the bottom and kept in closed jars so you don’t even remember they exist and don’t be tempted to eat.


Do Not Leave The House Too Bright At Night

Leaving a lot of light on at night in your house will interfere with the secretion of the hormone melatonin, which is important for sleeping more relaxed and longer. A good night’s sleep is essential for the weight loss process.

A 2004 study found that sleep restriction increases ghrelin and reduces leptin. Another study from the same year involved 1,024 adults and found that short sleep was linked to higher levels of ghrelin and lower levels of leptin.

Leptin decreases appetite, so when levels are high, the body feels full. In turn, ghrelin can stimulate appetite, as it is responsible for the feeling of hunger.

These changes in hormone levels can make a person hungrier throughout the day. Worse, you risk being more prone to overeating, leading to weight gain.

Some studies have already pointed out that people who sleep poorly and sleep little are maybe 55% more likely to gain weight than those who sleep well.

On The Other Hand

If your home is poorly lit during the day, you’ll be lazier and sleepy, especially if you didn’t sleep well. In addition to changing your entire circadian cycle, it won’t be easy to be in the mood to train.

To prevent this from happening, when you wake up in the morning, open the windows and curtains wide to let sunlight into your home. At night, leave the house very dark to sleep better.

Do Not Bring Dishes With Food To The Table

How do you set up your lunch or dinner table? Do you put platters with all the food you prepared for the table? Know that this is not a good idea for those who want to lose weight.

When you bring all the food you’ve prepared to the table, the chances of repeating the dish are greater. After all, all that food is right there before you, making it very difficult to resist temptation.

On the other hand, by making the dish in the kitchen and leaving all the food in the meal there, you have time to think about whether you need to repeat it and not expose yourself to the temptation of staring at the food. This makes it easier to control the desire to eat more.

Do Not Use Plates, Dessert Bowls, Or Bowls That Are Too Large To Eat

Using large containers to serve food can make you eat more. Studies have shown that, depending on the size of the dish you use, you can consume up to 44% more calories.

When a person serves himself, the tendency is to fill the container with food until it doesn’t fit anymore.

Thus, when filling her plate, bowl, or dessert pot, she will eat a lot, even more than necessary. Therefore, to not overeat, the recommendation is to eat on smaller plates, pots, and bowls.


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