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Lose Weight: These Are The 5 Biggest Calorie Traps In Summer

The summer also has some calorie traps ready! And that doesn’t just include ice cream. It’s tricky: on the one hand, many people attach particular importance to a good figure in the bikini season; on the other hand, summer tempts with delicious calorie traps.

Everyone knows that too much ice can get on your hips. However, things are a bit different with a few hidden fattening foods that you can treat yourself to in certain situations in the summer without overthinking about them.

And that’s a good thing: you shouldn’t forget to enjoy yourself. If you’re still wondering where the extra kilos came from and why your favorite shorts are a little tight: the following calorie traps will include one or the other culprit.

Sugary Refreshment

Ice-cold soft drinks promise quick cooling, but unfortunately, they are also a lousy calorie trap. Whether cola, lemonade, or multivitamin juice – you can’t get away from less than 100 calories per glass with any variety.

It becomes less if, for example, you mix juices with mineral water to make a spritzer. Of course, one thing is clear: the “thinner” the juice spritzer is mixed, i.e., the more significant the proportion of water added, the better off you get in terms of calories.

So-called “near-water” drinks are even lower in calories but not entirely free of calories either. These mineral waters are flavored with fruit or herbs and only contain around 30 calories per glass.

Infused water is completely calorie-free: fruits, herbs, or vegetables such as cucumber are placed in a carafe with water. Taste without calories – perfect for summer!

“Light” Lunchtime Snack

People happily do without the warm meal during the lunch break when the temperatures are hot. Salad is often used as a lighter alternative. However, that can backfire.

Because it the so figure-friendly, the healthy dish can quickly become a calorie bomb, depending on how it is prepared.

Ready-made dressings, in particular, are often high in fat and sugar. With tasty extra toppings such as croutons, cheese, and nuts, the salad can be as high in calories as a hearty warm meal at the end of the day.

Cold Coffee Break

At no other time of the year is as much iced coffee drunk as in summer. Understandably so, because who likes to drink hot coffee when the temperature is hot?

But a big surprise: iced coffee naturally contains ice – and the creamy vanilla ice cream, in particular, is not precisely flattering with just under 200 kcal. If you add whipped cream and a decorative waffle on top, you’ll even get up to 650 calories from the sweet refreshment.

Better: Cool the iced coffee with ice cubes, stir in a touch of vanilla sugar (only if you want), and pour in cold milk or almond drink. Bam – the light, refreshing iced coffee is ready.

Toast At The Sundowner

Celebrating the end of the day with a drink in the evening sun is undoubtedly one of the “must-do’s” in summer.

But you shouldn’t be fooled by the liquid consistency: for a bit of summer feeling with a cocktail like Piña Colada, you, unfortunately, pay 400 calories per glass.

And a regular beer (129 kcal per bottle) or sparkling wine (160 kcal per glass) heralds not only one’s end of work but also the end of the day for the beach body.

But that doesn’t have to keep you from a relaxing sundowner. For those who want to watch their figure while doing so, a wine spritzer (only 69 kcal per glass) could be an alternative.

Slam At The Cookout

Barbecue evenings are just as part of summer as baking cookies in winter. Sausages, in particular, like to end up on the grill – logically, as quickly as they are fried.

But even 100 grams of bratwurst have about 330 calories. In addition, there are the many saturated fatty acids found in industrially produced meat and do the rest to conjure up love handles.

On the other hand, chicken or fish contains around 50 percent fewer calories.

However, you can get even better off if you try out vegetable alternatives: Mushroom skewers, zucchini, or aubergine slices (seasoned with salt, pepper, and oregano) can be tasty barbecue alternatives to meat.


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