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Maintain A Healthy Diet For Weight Loss?

Healthy eating does not mean a restricted, repetitive, and colorless diet; on the contrary, a healthy diet includes diversified, colorful, and pleasant foods for the human palate. A balanced and balanced diet is a fundamental requirement to achieve ideal results for people who want to lose weight. In this way, it is not only essential to losing weight; it is also necessary to have a professional follow-up, a dietary reeducation, and a lifestyle change.

Nutrition Principles

According to nutritionist , healthy eating is governed by 4 fundamental laws: quality, quantity, harmony, and adequacy.

  • Quality: the foods on the menu must provide all the nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the body;
  • Quantity: the amounts of food must be sufficient to meet the body’s energy needs;
  • Harmony: the foods that make up the diet must have a proportion relationship with each other to avoid excess or deficiencies of nutrients;
  • Adequacy: food must be adapted to the characteristics of each individual, respecting their eating habits, their socio-economic situation, their level of physical activity, and their health status, for example.

However, the nutritionist points out that following these four laws does not guarantee the magic of weight loss, but they can help achieve balance in food.

Escape From Miracle Formulas

A quick search on the internet shows the number of miraculous recipes or diets released to everyone. Following miracle formulas to lose weight is not the most recommended option for healthy weight loss.

Most of the time, Fad diets include the intake of one or a few foods, which must be consumed repeatedly without the complement of extra foods rich in other nutrients. Thus, food does not provide the body with the substances necessary for its functioning. You can even lose weight, but the lost weight will likely return shortly.

How Should The Food Be?

Opt For Natural Or Minimally Processed Foods

According to information from the Food Guide for the Brazilian Population (2014), prepared by the Ministry of Health, natural foods are natural foods, that is, those that have not undergone any transformation from their original state. A diet based on these foods includes various grains, tubers, roots, vegetables, fruits (at least three servings a day), milk, eggs, fish, meats, oilseeds without salt or sugar, fresh herbs, teas, and water.

Reduce The Amount Of Oil, Fat, Salt, And Sugar

These products can be used in food preparation. However, care must be taken to avoid excessive handling of each of them. The abusive use of these products contributes to the emergence of obesity and diseases, including heart problems.

Also, according to the Food Guide for the Brazilian Population, the consumption of processed foods (canned foods) and ultra-processed foods should be avoided, as they have minimal or no amounts of nutrients.

A suggestion for a good diet is to assemble colorful dishes, as they indicate a variation of the menu and the presence of foods with different nutrients.

Eat At Regular Intervals

Nutritionist Bruna points out that it is strategic to avoid long periods without eating, to avoid the unpleasant symptoms of hunger and the uncontrolled consumption of food at mealtime.

However, she warns that the interval between these times must respect your individuality. It is also essential to follow the guidelines of what to consume (quantity and quality) in each meal to avoid exaggeration.

Menu Suggestions For Healthy Eating

Do you want suggestions for healthy foods that are allies of weight loss? Nutritionist Bruna Tourinho presents some options. Check out!


  • Drink that can be coffee with milk or fruit smoothie;
  • Carbohydrate: couscous, tapioca, or wholemeal bread;
  • Protein: egg or cheese;

Weight loss is not something that happens instantly; it is a process that must be accompanied by guidance from a health professional, persistence, and physical exercise.

Consult your nutritionist, opt for a healthier lifestyle, lose weight with health, and have satisfactory results. Share this text with your friends and be a propagator of the importance of healthy eating!


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