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Mental Health: What It Is And How To Maintain It In Everyday Life

Mental health care must be constant and cover different spheres. The individual must consider self-knowledge, relationships with friends and family, satisfaction with work, and attention to physical health.

Just like physical health, mental health is an essential part of human integrity. Most professionals suffer from anxiety, depression, and other psychological problems that compromise the quality of activities and the relationship between work teams.

Therefore, we prepared this material to understand the causes of mental disorders better, how to take care of your mental health, the importance of companies acting in favor of the mental health of their employees, and how to work. Before you continue reading, how about a guide to increasing happiness?

What Is Mental Health?

There is a lot of talk about mental health since disorders affect thousands of people and can have many negative consequences for them and society. In concept, mental health is the quality of life in relation to cognition and emotional balance.

In other words, mental health is being well with others and with yourself. Accept, know how to deal with, and manage the situations, emotions, and adversities that life presents without compromising yourself and others.

It is an essential aspect of health and fundamental to anyone’s quality of life. Therefore, companies need to act and guarantee mental health, mainly through preventive actions, and thus promote a light and healthy working environment.

We live in a society of competition, multifunctionality, and rivalry, in which the culture of having prevails, where losing is unacceptable. Competition, when it is unhealthy, causes severe damage to mental health.

Most Common Mental Health Problems

The scenario covers a large part of the population. See some more common situations:


This disease affects more than 300 million people. Furthermore, it has severe consequences: it can cause disability, which is one of the leading causes cited for this problem.


It is a typical response to stressful situations but can develop into pathology. This evolution is detected when the individual’s mental state gets in the way of routine tasks.

Social Phobia

This mental problem can make it impossible for the individual to be in a place with many other people. Furthermore, there is an exaggerated fear of possible criticism and judgment.

How Do You Achieve And Maintain Mental Health?

Here are some practical tips:

Practice Self-Care

Take time for yourself: read a book, moisturize your hair, go for a walk in a pleasant place, practice meditation, go to the cinema, and take a nap in the afternoon. The important thing is to act for your well-being without depending on other people.

Move Yourself

Practicing physical exercise is essential for our body. Physical activity stimulates the body to function optimally, in addition to releasing hormones related to the feeling of happiness.

Get Vitamin D

Free, available almost every day and for everyone: the sun. Sunbathing for 15 minutes every day can transform your everyday life. In addition to vitamin D and the stimulation of endorphins (happiness hormone), there are several benefits to health.

Get Therapy

Anyone who thinks that psychological care is only intended for those with severe mental problems is mistaken. We can all benefit from therapy. This is because the practice develops self-knowledge and is professional help in dealing with all areas of life.

What Are The Risks Of Neglecting Employees’ Mental Health?

Considered the evils of the century, anxiety and stress are the leading causes of the emergence of psychological illnesses, such as burnout syndrome. These problems can be avoided through prevention programs.

A good program serves to guide employees and help them face the tremendous pressure of work, decoupling work issues from personal relationships. In the absence of care,  a dissatisfied team, which maintains a negative charge for a long time, tends to show dispersive and disengaged behavior.

On the other hand, happy and mentally healthy employee is more likely to prosper in their personal life and at work, performing their duties with quality and excellent relationships with the team. In fact, it operates as a reference for initiatives that seek to restore balance between professional and personal aspects.

Therefore, for the company to achieve its objectives, it is essential to be concerned about the mental health of workers in order to provide an interactive and judgment-free environment so that each person can position themselves in the best way possible. Quality of life is everyone’s goal, including at work.

In this sense, it is necessary to share space, exchange ideas, create projects, solve problems, and celebrate results. These initiatives constitute some of the aspects that must be divided and transferred to encompass the collective and avoid overload.

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