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Morning Routine: With These 5 Tips, You Can Lose Weight Right After Getting Up

Unfortunately, we cannot make excess kilos disappear overnight, but you will declare war on them in the morning with our tips.

Your weight is influenced by the daily amount of fat, carbs, etc., and habits and behavioral patterns—for example, the morning routine.

Because with this, you lay the foundation for the day, and whoever gets up on the “wrong foot” in the morning will find it difficult to put good resolutions into practice for the rest of the day. So it’s high time to turn your usual morning routine upside down. (Actually, it starts even earlier, namely the evening before.)

These 5 tips, which are easy to implement in everyday life, ensure a lean start to the day:

Eat A Protein-Rich Snack Before Bed

If you eat a protein-rich bedtime snack in the evening, you get your metabolism going at night and burn a little fat while you sleep. The reason for this lies in the increased release of the so-called growth hormone, which is responsible, among other things, for repair work on cells and tissue.

The energy that is required for these processes is drawn from your body’s fat reserves. Plus: The protein bite in the evening also ensures that you don’t wake up starved in the morning.

Natural yogurt or low-fat quark, cottage cheese, a boiled egg, or a slice of cheese are suitable as a protein-rich and low-fat snack before going to bed.

Let Daylight Into The Room

Sunlight not only wakes you up but also helps you lose weight. So that you do not miss this benefit, you should pull the shutters or curtains up or aside after waking up.

Even when it is cloudy, your internal clock is activated by the light waves that emanate from the sun in the morning, and your metabolism is stimulated. If it gets going in the morning, you automatically burn more calories. By the way, every day, 20 to 30 minutes of daylight is enough to affect BMI positively.

Make Your Bed

Are you one of those people who lie down in the unmade bed in the morning? It’s practical, but you shouldn’t let this become a habit because Those who routinely make their bed in the morning demonstrate their willpower.

And that affects other areas – including the will to lose weight finally. It also encourages other good habits, such as preparing a healthy breakfast. 

Don’t Forget To Have Breakfast

If you start the day hungry and skip breakfast, you are not doing your figure any good. A balanced breakfast can prevent hunger attacks, which will haunt you at the latest by lunchtime.

If you top up your energy stores first thing in the morning, you feel fitter and consume fewer calories during the day. However, if you have no appetite in the morning or live according to the intermittent fasting method, you shouldn’t feel compelled to eat something.

A mixture of (complex) carbohydrates and proteins, for example, scrambled eggs on whole meal bread or oatmeal with milk, quark, or natural yogurt and fruit, ensures energy and a prolonged feeling of satiety. 

Get On The Scales Regularly

If you want to lose weight, you should weigh yourself regularly. So you always have your weight in view and can watch your successes. The step on the scales  should, however, always take place at the same time.

The best time to do this is in the morning because your weight is the lowest. After eight hours of sleep, less water is stored in the body, so the measurement is more accurate. During the day, your body is exposed to various influences that can distort the result. 

Unfortunately, we cannot make excess kilos disappear overnight, but if you take these 5 tips into account in your morning routine from now on, you will soon see success on the scales.



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