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Pectin-Free Jam: The Recipe And The Tricks For Making It At Home

Preparing homemade jam may seem simple: all you need is fruit and sugar. A genuine homemade jam does not require pectin, a gelling agent used in the food industry to thicken jams and marmalades. How do you make homemade pectin-free jam? The number of ingredients is minimal, but it is still essential to follow the recipe step by step and maybe learn some simple scientific notions. Here is what you need step by step to prepare excellent and truly genuine homemade jams without pectin.

The Tricks For Making Jam Without Pectin

The fruit must be ripe. Adding sugar to the unripe fruit gives a sweet and tasteless liquid. All sugar is refined, and brown sugar is great for making the jam more homemade. No need to add pectin to facilitate densification. This atom is now ordinarily present in the natural product. During cooking, the gelatin particles are independent and recompose, making an organization that catches the wide range of various atoms and keeps them integrated. If the gelatin’s partition doesn’t happen, the different particles stay free, and the jam doesn’t come. However, the additional gelatin relaxes the organic product’s fragrance and gives the opening a modern flavor. 

To try not to utilize gelatin, crush the natural product when it is as yet crude to deliver the juice that you will keep to the side, then, at that point, with a blender, blend the leftover mash. When the mash has been mixed, add it to the fluid. This activity inclines toward the division of the gelatin. On the off chance that the compound isn’t sufficiently acidic, the gamble is that the gelatin atoms repulse one another. To stay away from it, add the juice of a lemon for every two kilos of sugar. The extent of foods grown from the ground changes: with a better natural product, it ought to be 2: 1 (two kilos of crude product, one kilogram of sugar). With a more tart natural product, for example, oranges, it ought to be more like 3: 2 (three kilos of crude product, two kilos of sugar). If all else fails, don’t be excessively parsimonious with sugar.

The Recipe For Jam Without Pectin


  1. 2 kg of fruit,
  2. 1 kg of sugar,
  3. Lemon juice to taste


  1. Put the pulp and juice in a saucepan, then add the sugar and lemon.
  2. Cook the mixture over low heat, stirring as little as possible. Do not trust those who say the opposite: the “low heat and mix a little” rule is used not to produce too much steam that would take away the aroma of the fruit. For this reason, jam purists collect the moisture and add it back to the mixture with the heat off.
  3. The cooking time varies from an hour and a half to two hours, depending on the type of fruit and the degree of ripeness.

Remember to sterilize the jars in which you will pour the homemade jam without pectin only after having allowed it to cool in a different container from the one in which you cooked it. To preserve the jam for up to a year, it is necessary to proceed with pasteurization: the jars are immersed in water in a pot up to the level of the jam. From the moment of boiling, they should be simmered for 30 minutes. Then extracted and allowed to cool, they can be stored in a cool and dry place.

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