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Sleep Fast: How To Nap In 60 Seconds

Everyone knows it: you go to bed and want to sleep quickly, but your head works and works. What can you do? We have a trick that will have you sleeping peacefully in 60 seconds. You can find out how here. There are many tips for falling asleep and some helpers that can help you fall asleep. For example, different types of tea help you fall asleep. Sleep training can also be useful to help you fall asleep.

The problem: All these tips and advice take time. You can’t sleep fast with them. Here’s a tip that will make you fall asleep within 60 seconds. It doesn’t get any faster than this method. But first, we need to understand how sleep works.

How Does Sleep Work?

Sleep is a vital necessity. While some would like to stay awake, we all need to sleep. Scientists now agree that an average of seven hours is the optimal amount of sleep for an adult. However, this is only an average value. Depending on the individual, the length of sleep can vary due to age, habits and preferences.

One of the most important clocks in our sleep-wake cycle is melatonin. The release of the sleep hormone begins in the evening at sunset when we get to rest, lasts all night and ends in the morning with sunrise. Melatonin makes us feel sleepy and sleep well. However, the messenger substance can be disturbed by many different influences. For example:

  1. As we age, Our body produces less and less melatonin, so we often lie awake at night and get up early. A tip: artificial melatonin can be helpful in the case of age-related melatonin deficiency. 
  2. Shift work: Does not release less melatonin through shift work, but mostly when we don’t need the rest (during the night shift) and vice versa. When we want to sleep, our body doesn’t produce melatonin (when we come off the night shift). That is why most shift workers sooner or later have insomnia and problems falling asleep. They are called shift worker syndrome and affect almost 90 per cent of all shift workers.
  3. Due to illnesses: Many illnesses keep the affected person awake, and as a result, rest is not possible. Disorders include restless legs syndrome, nocturia, night eating syndrome, and sleep paralysis.
  4. Due to jet lag: It can also lead to a disrupted release of melatonin, especially when we travel several time zones and hours east. Then our sleep-wake cycle gets completely confused. Melatonin supplements can also help here.
  5. Poor sleep hygiene: Sleep hygiene includes many different methods, such as going to bed at a fixed time, not using electronic devices in the bedroom, a tidy bedroom and more. If you want more about sleep hygiene, read our article for more tips.

Sleep Fast: This Is How It Works In 60 Seconds

The breathing technique that follows is called “box breathing “, “square breathing”, or “4-7-8 technique”. It’s a well-known trick to falling asleep. For you to be able to fall asleep quickly, the primary aim is to relax your thoughts with this method. This slows down the pulse and leads to falling asleep quickly. And so it goes:

  1. Lie comfortably on your back and relax every muscle in your body. Bring your full attention to your breathing. Then breathe in and out as deeply as possible without cramping.
  2. Take in for four seconds, hold the breath inside for seven seconds, and inhale for eight seconds.
  3. Repeat this breathing cycle until you fall asleep.

Caution: Do not force your breathing. The times mentioned are only guide values ​​to be able to sleep quickly. Change the times if you find breathing difficult and can’t switch off. Just try out which times work best for you. Normal is what you set the pace for. Everyone is different and has their sleep rhythm.

What Other Sleep Aids Can Help?

There are other effective ways, besides the breathing technique mentioned above, that are effective and help with insomnia or problems falling asleep. Sleep aids can be:

A Weighted Blanket

If you want to sleep quickly, try a weighted blanket called a therapy blanket. It can help you fall asleep. With its additional weight, the sleeping aid causes you to release serotonin, which the brain converts to melatonin in the evening and at night. This can lead to success after just a few minutes. 

Different Types Of Tea

Yes, various teas have been proven to affect insomnia and difficulty falling asleep. Valerian, lavender and co. Calm your thoughts, relax you and let you sleep quickly. Important: Drink the tea right before bedtime. 

Various Foods

Many foods such as dates, cherries and oatmeal can also be a real sleep aid and let you sleep quickly. They contain the amino acid tryptophan, which is then converted into melatonin in our brains. However, you must be careful here because these foods should only be eaten before bed. But it shouldn’t be too much either, because a full stomach makes you sleepless. Extra tip: Combine as many different foods as possible before bed. This not only tastes better but multiplies the tryptophan. 

Different Scents

Try different scents next to the bed if you have trouble falling asleep. Lavender has also proven itself as a fragrance, such as lavender oil for the fragrance lamp or diffuser. Valerian works just as well here. Simply place it beside the bed to fall asleep and benefit from the relaxing scent. 

Routines Help You Fall Asleep

In addition to the breathing exercises, you can do something to help you fall asleep quickly. For example, you can get into evening routines. A journal, for example, helps you review your day and organize your thoughts. And a clear head can sleep quickly. Another tip on how you will sleep quickly: Set a fixed time for bed, and don’t stagger it by maybe even several hours. Your body will thank you for the regularity, and you will fall asleep faster. And: In the bedroom, you should only sleep (and have sex). Anyone who lies in bed for hours watching a series gives the body the wrong signal for what the bedroom needs.

Yoga Can Help You Fall Asleep

Yoga is a very diverse sport. You can do yoga to lose weight, build muscle, and relax. Especially when you want to sleep quickly, yoga is often used. Various yoga exercises can support your sleep and are easy to learn.

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