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Use These Tips To Keep Your Makeup Under The Mask

Your makeup appears stained and smeared after wearing the face mask? We have five ingenious makeup hacks for you, with which this will no longer happen in the future.

Mouth and nose covering during Corona will accompany us through everyday life for a long time. So it is not surprising that many people confidently leave their makeup bags in their closets. After removing the face mask, a large part of the makeup remains inside the cover most of the time. So it’s high time for everyone who wants to put on makeup despite working from home and lockdown to grab the box of tricks and give foundation, lipstick and Co. more support.

Here Are Five Simple Tips That Will Help Your Makeup Stay Better Under The Face Mask From Now On

The Base Cannot Be Missing

A good moisturizer under the foundation should never be missing. It creates a supple, smooth skin surface and prevents your makeup from settling in, for example, wrinkles caused by dryness. But not every cream is automatically a good foundation base. Products containing oil are not slip-proof, which means that foundation, bronzer and highlighter do not adhere to the skin. In addition, our skin quickly sweats under the mouthguard, and very rich face creams can more easily re-oil.

Therefore, give intensive, greasy moisturizing creams and facial oils enough before applying makeup or use these products exclusively as night care.

Invest In A Primer

If you want to be on the safe side, it could now be worth investing in a primer. It leaves a barely noticeable film on the skin, which on the one hand, makes the result of the foundation appear exceptionally even. On the other hand, the primer ensures that the foundation adheres better to the skin and is easy to smudge.

Primers with a special anti-shine effect could be interesting if you have somewhat oily skin. 

Use Powder Products

Blush, bronzer and highlighter in the creamy form are great for giving dry skin and a dull complexion more glow. Unfortunately, they usually also leave a creamy film on the skin, quickly sticking to the face mask. So if you don’t want your makeup to appear smeared or blotchy under the show, you should use powdery products.

Long-Lasting Lipsticks

Probably only natural makeup professionals use lipstick at the moment. But here, too, the choice of the product is crucial. Admittedly: lip gloss and liquid products have no chance under the face mask. Their sticky textures stick to the show remarkably quickly.

Unique long-lasting lipsticks are more suitable. They leave a somewhat matte, dry finish on the lips, which prevents the color from smudging and stays perfectly in place. You can easily remove long-lasting lipsticks in the evening with a makeup remover and a cotton pad or cosmetic tissue.

Setting Spray For Fixing

There has probably never been a better time to buy a setting spray than now. At the very end, the fountain is sprayed onto the entire face over the finished makeup look. Due to the moisture, the makeup melts better with the skin and makes the complexion appear a little more natural. But the even more important effect of the spray is that it gives foundation, blush, and highlighter an immediate better hold, which even the face mask cannot harm.


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